Runner’s Yoga and 101

Monday night I was supposed to have a soccer game at 10pm and it was storming outside. Of course, what else does it do in Nova Scotia in April??? We had a freezing rain / snow storm hit us and it was nasty! I was watching online for our game to be cancelled all day….but  nope, it was still on. Around 8pm we got a message on FB that said the other team cancelled and therefore we won. We also got notified that we came first in the division…and the playoffs begin next week! Giddy up!


In my last post I wrote about numbers. I had a lot of great numbers last month so you may be wondering what the “101” number stood for??? My favourite guess was: 101 kisses from my girls (awww….too cute).  In fact, 101 was the number of kilometers I ran in March! Or, 62.75 miles for you miles people 😉


Back to Monday night: I decided to run 10k since I had run 90km in total for the rest of the month. I really wanted to get to 100km but my soccer game was originally standing in my way. When it got cancelled I put on my running gear and jumped on “The Beast”. We had a date of 10 kilometers. I watched the Mentalist and Ellen so the time went by fairly well. I texted my husband around 6k and he gave me the thumbs up. The rest of the run went like this.

Me: Just past 6k.

Saï: Brilliant. Keeping on going to 10 ? (because I wasn’t 100% sure at the beginning)

Me: Trying for it.

Saï: Fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Me: 🙂  (it’s hard to type and run at the same time so I kept it short)

Me: 8k

Sai: Rock on! You can do it!

Between 8-10k I thought about running 11km to make it to 101. Then this text came in:

Saï: You should aim for 11, make it 101 for the month

Me: @ 10k (and walking fast at this point…my only walk break) I wrote: Not sure about another km but if did cross my mind.

First walking break right now.

Guess I’ll do one more 😉

Me: I sent him this photo


Saï: You rock, That’s fantastic. Well done.

Me: Thanks!

I was pretty happy, extremely sweaty and feeling great!  I stretched just a little longer after that run, drank lots of water and had a post run snack (no photo).


Tuesday I went for a quick 2 km run to shake out my legs and participate in Day 1 of the Run This Year April Challenge. Last night my legs just felt like they needed a good stretch so I knew that Ashley had shared this yoga for runners workout a while back. So I did what any blogger would do, searched her blog for it 😉 And now I share it with you.

20-25 minutes later my body was happy again!

 My total number of kilometers I have run this year is 170km!

My around the world total for March is 101 plus whatever I run this month!

 What’s the highest number of km or miles you’ve run in a month?

Runners: do you do yoga ?