Look Ma, No Running Jacket!

Or hat, or gloves! It’s spring like weather today in Nova Scotia! I’d love to say it’s officially spring but that might not be true….give me a few more weeks and I’ll let you know if Spring has arrived.

Today I was supposed to run with my friend/coach but we had to postpone it until Monday, which I was totally fine with. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temperature was…. +5C (felt like +3C)…Saaaaaswweeet!

I planned on running today no matter what. All morning I fueled my body with water and food so I’d be ready to run at noon.  I got my running gear on and headed out on the sidewalk for a run.

Pre-run fun!

Pre-run fun!

It was a perfect day to run. No jacket, hat or gloves needed for this run. The plan was 5k.

I had to cross the street twice. Once at a cross walk and once randomly as the sidewalk ended. There were a few long inclines (hills) that slowed me a down a little but also sped me up on the down side 🙂 Bonus!

My run went like this (per kilometers):

  1. 5:41
  2. 6:03
  3. 6:00
  4. 5:55
  5. 5:24

At 4.51 km, I saw that I was just over 26 minutes and thought, holy shit I’m going to get a sub 29 – 5k…so I sped up. {insert mistake} I went too fast too early. Once I figured that out and was at 4.89 km I sped up again and pushed it to the end.

NEW PB!!!!

NEW PB!!!!

Needless to say, I was happy with my run. 29:34 (5k) – a NEW PERSONAL BEST by 5 seconds. I recently ran a sub 30 – 5k a few weeks ago which was a goal I’ve had for a while. I’m getting faster 🙂

I wondering if I didn’t have to cross the street/wait for traffic early in my run, if I could have run faster 🙂

Do you have to cross at cross-walks when out for a run?

Do you stick to trails only? (Our trails are still snow-covered)

Do you mix it up, trail, road, sidewalk?