Running, Me and a Cab Driver = Road Safety

First and foremost, I am a wife and a mother. I’m also a daughter, sister, friend, soccer player, runner, environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast.

I’ve always wondered if I was out on a run how I would be identified if something were to happen about me.  I used to have a cell phone from work that had an app called “I.C.E” (okay, maybe that wasn’t the actual app, but I can’t remember it now). ICE stood for “In Case of Emergency”. Of course, I put my husbands contact information in it, along with my parents. Really, you never know. However, I always wondered how someone would actually access my information since my cell phone had a password.

Moving along….

A few months ago, my husband bought me a Road ID (and one for himself). I chose the wrist band slim as I didn’t want something bulky and wanted it to be fairly flexible. He bought the wrist band elite. I ordered two bands; purple and turquoise.

road id pr 5


No, my real name isn’t Piper but if you were around me and yelled it out, I would totally respond. It’s a nickname. I got the basic info: names, numbers of my important peeps. The Paramedic in me…oh, I mean my Paramedic husband and I agreed to go with the medical route of: No Known Drug Allergies, No Medical History, Organ Donor. Some people put their mantra: “Just Giver”, “Train Hard”, “No Pain, No Gain”.

Before we got the Road ID bands, we both would go for runs with our Driver’s License, Health Card and I had a piece of paper with Sai’s cell number on it….yeah, old school…all in a plastic baggie. I would put it in my jacket pocket or hidden pocket in my running pants/shorts.

Yesterday, I was out for a run on my lunch break – “sneaking it in” #sneakitin and was pushing my legs a little harder throughout the whole run. I was so close to being done my run (5k) and was going to get another Personal Best. {Yes, I’m working hard on that one}

My confused and pissed of face after my run - don't be jealous of my hair.

My confused and pissed off face after my run – don’t be jealous of my hair.


Anyway, out of nowhere a cab (taxi) backed down a driveway and almost hit me on the sidewalk.  My first reaction was to yell at her, then I hit the van with my hand in frustration and THEN I turned off my Garmin. I was pissed that she didn’t even see me, didn’t even bother to look my way. Then I struggle because I still wasn’t sure if she saw or heard me and had to wait for her to move. I stopped my Garmin and then started once I finally got passed her van. I lost time. I was finished my 5k just 2 seconds over my PB…I TOTALLY WOULD HAVE NAILED IT.

Bummed out about my run.

Bummed out about my run.

However, if something serious would have happened to me, at least I had my Road ID on and could have been identified. Friggin’ cab driver. 😦

Now each time I go for a run I put on my Road ID which I always leave attached to my Green Garmin when not running. It’s just like a little bracelet that I forget is on my wrist but have to be honest, I am thankful to have in case something happens to me. The last thing I want is for something to happen to me, my girls are stuck at day care, no one knows where I am and my husband is away…no thank you.

Just like my Green Garmin is my new best friend…well it now as a partner in crime 🙂

If you want to find out more information about the Road ID bands just click on the logo and it will take you to their website.  They have other products: ankle bands, shoe pouches and more.


Do you have a Road ID?

Do you ever worry about something happening to you while out running/walking ?

What would you do if you came across a runner who was injured?


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Please note: Road ID did not ask me to write this post, I was not compensated with money or product but was approved to be apart of their affiliate program. The Road ID products I had were not provided by Road ID but  was a gift from my husband a few months ago. Aww….that’s love 😉