Running: Sneak It In

There has been a lot of “sneaking it in” over here these days………

5K “Runch” on Monday

Bummed out about my run.

Bummed out about my run.


Conference Call / Wall Sit….why not?!?!?!

And stair repeats on a rainy day {Tuesday}.

Wall Sit Sneak It In

I’m planning another “runch” – I just love this term…two of my favourite bloggers (Run Salt Run and Pirate Bobcat) have recently used it so I had to as well. Run + Lunch = runch πŸ™‚

I’ll admit….right now I am not really feeling the motivation to run at lunch today. But I have all my gear and I’m going anyway. Will write more after I run.

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As I was getting ready for my planned 5k, I knew I wasn’t feeling it but I got dressed anyway, I went outside anyway and I started my Garmin anyway. I started running and the wind was cold and strong against my body. I kept going one step at a time.

I decided to not run on the sidewalk that I’ve been running on lately and wanted to test out the trails. With it being Day 10 “Run a Trail” in the Run This Year challenges I am doing….I thought why not.

They say…..Run a Trail … so I did! Pavement, dirt trail and snow! YUP, we still have snow in Nova Scotia!

Run On Trail Day 10


I ran as far as I could on the snow and decided to turn back around. It was a beautiful day and I started focusing on my pace and pushing it a little. I wasn’t hoping for a Personal Best or Personal Record. BUT, this happened:

{In KM: 5:42; 5:49; 5:50; 5:45: 5:37}

New PB Anna

My last PB was 29:34 last Friday – you can read about it here. However it was a hilly little 5k and today’s run was flat. Flat-As-Can-Be! This is the fastest 5k I have ever run since I started running around 10 years ago. Yes, I’ve been running on and off for 10 years – more in the last 5-6 years. My absolute best time was 29:16 in Halifax at a “Run for the Cure” event when I was around 22/23, I think.

So, I’m pretty pumped today!

Runners – how many years have you been running?

Does anyone “Runch” ? (Run at lunch)

Do you sneak in a little workout while at work? Desk yoga, stretching, walking meetings, lifting weights, stand up desk?


13 thoughts on “Running: Sneak It In

  1. 4 years off and on…
    No Runches for me. They are literally impossible
    I need to start sneaking in workouts at work. The best I do is stand for a few hours and knock out a few pushups on occassion.

  2. I love the idea of Runch but I work in Soho so most of the workout would just be karate chopping tourists. I did speed walk an hour today round trip between our offices which has got to be a bit of a sneak.

  3. wow, you’re doing awesome with those pb’s!!! I’ve been running regularly for the past 8 months or so but have been running off and on for about 3 years.

  4. Wow, congrats! And thanks for the shout out, haha! Runch it up!
    I’ve run my whole life. I did track in all through middle-high school. But it wasn’t until 6 years or so ago that I got in to these crazy distances. I’m not looking back though!!!

  5. I runch sometimes! And I have a stand-up desk that is real hard to get back to the level for sitting so I have to stand. It gets tiring actually. I should just get a bar stool for when I need to sit.

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