Friday Favs

Since I missed yesterday’s National Siblings Day and #tbt …. here you go!

#TBT ~ Siblings

My wedding Nov 2007: my brother Paul and sister Laura in front.

My wedding Nov 2007: my brother Paul and sister Laura in front.

My other favourite siblings:

I caught them doing this last week…so cute!


One of my other favourite things that I’m using A LOT these days are my PRO Compression Socks.

Piper's Post Run Recovery :)

Piper’s Post Run Recovery 🙂

Not much longer in the PRO Compression sock Giveaway –> LINK HERE.

I’m trying to figure out a way to #sneakitin today…we’ll see how it goes!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Giddy up!

Weekend plans anyone?

How many Easter eggs/treats have you already eaten?

Can you sneak in 10 minutes of physical activity today?

Cheers, Piper

8 thoughts on “Friday Favs

  1. We are going to watch the London Marathon on Sunday because my father-in-law is running.

    I brought some marshmallow Easter eggs home from South Africa… and I have eaten all of them (the shame).

    I’ve already done a 15 min wall today with another one to come and I’m going to body pump later so I think I’m on top of my physical activity.

  2. Gawww love that photo of you and your siblings!! Hehe I haven’t eaten any Easter treats yet because I purposely bought stuff that I don’t like (to leave on my desk at work for coworkers). The weekend of Easter- all bets are off 😉

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