OUT With The OLD and In With The NEW

It’s that time of year again……………………..

out with the

I found a little time this week to invest in my feet 🙂 I was in the cit-tay (city) and stopped at a local Running Store – Aerobics First. I’ve been in a few times over the years but never bought anything. It was kinda busy so they called down extra staff to help me find a pair of new runners!!!!

This is what I have been running on for the last…little…while (okay, maybe two years). I may or may not have bought these when I was pregnant with Hilary……she’s 16 months old now!

Out with the Old......

Out with the Old……

I tried on four different pairs of runners and it came down to a pair of Saucony and Asics. I tested both pair out on the treadmill in the store. I tried both pair at the same time. I tried size 8.5 and size 9 in both pairs. I loved them both! How could that be?

One pair was $5 more. The Saucony were mainly black, white and little purple and the Asics were blue, orange and more blue. I really struggled with which ones to go with and in the end…..

These won 🙂

And, in with the NEW!

And, in with the NEW!

My old love for blue took over my new love of purple……

Now all I have to do is get outside and run in them!

How often to you buy new sneakers?

Do you stick with the same brand or switch it up?

What’s your favourite running shoe?

Cheers, Piper 😉