Subdivision Running – Oh My!

Most roads don’t have a lot of pedestrians walking or running on them. My 8k run on Easter Sunday took me through my childhood subdivision. I ran up, down, around the roads I played on and through paths I didn’t dear go as a child but they are now roads. It was fun to run past old friends’ houses or places I spent 90% of my time being a youth.

It was a hard run at first but then got better after I moved on to a trail system, then back into the subdivision again. Moving faster but not feeling fast, I made slight changes to my route that would allow me to finish 8k before Easter dinner πŸ™‚

I did a lap around my parent’s house on the street but was going to come up short, so I had to do another lap and finished the 8k directly in front of their house. Perfect timing.


Yesterday, I decided to head out for a 6-7k in my subdivision as I had taken the day off as vacation – Best. Idea. Ever! I got a few things done in the morning and planned to hit the pavement around 2pm.

At 2:08 I managed to start my Green Garmin and took my normal route. A road that is traveled heavily by cars and bikes and a good handful of walkers. I weaved up one hill, down another and back up the last hill before it was flat for a while. Back into my subdivision I went…around this street, down that one, only to turn around and go back the same way I came from. I then did a little lap near my house and finished the 6k.

It was the worst 6 km I’ve run in a long time. It was like my body wasn’t wanting to move forward, something was really holding me back. All I knew is that I was glad it was over and done with …. for today πŸ˜‰

canadian street gangs

I was watching out for these guys on my run………….just kidding. You don’t ever want to come across a bunch of bear’s like this unless you are in an armoured vehicle!


I had a few thoughts while out running (sans musique):

1.36 km – I’m going to have coconut yogurt and strawberries as a post run snack.

2 km – I’m never going to make it to 6 – 7km.

2.46 km – I hate long hills.

2.56 km – This long hill is going to help me with the bridge at the Bluenose Marathon. Then I will be thankful but I am not right now.

3 km – Okay, I can do this. Must remember location of 3k mark if I am to run this route again.

4.05 km – Oh my God, I just need to get to 5 k. Maybe 6 if I’m lucky.

5.01 km – Screw this, I’m walking for a few minutes (really, a few seconds). I might as well start running again as I have to get back to my house somehow and running would make this end faster.

5.45 km – {husband drives by and whistles at me} A smile slowly forms on my face and I laugh. Oh that laugh felt good because nothing else felt good during the last 1/2 hour.

6 km – Done. 35 minutes. Stop watch. And walk.


Who looks at their watch that often? Apparently, I do! I looked a lot and those times and thoughts Β really stood out for me. I ran throughout my subdivision yesterday and though it was a BIG challenge for me to just complete, it was just what I needed. {I wouldn’t have said that during the run but I can now}

What do you do on a terrible run: stick with it or pack it in?

How often do you look at your watch/running app?

Now that it’s spring, are there more people out walking and running where you live?

25 thoughts on “Subdivision Running – Oh My!

  1. I have seen more people out running lately-that makes me sooo happy πŸ™‚ And I’m guilty of looking at my watch a lot- but it works positively for me. Encourages me to speed up usually!

    I usually stick out a terrible run- though a couple times ive walked a lot during them…we all have those days!

  2. I was considering a run today and this post just convinced me to do it, even when a run sucks you never regret it at the end. There are always people walking and running around where I live, now that it’s warmer it’s even busier but I absolutely love it!

  3. I have definitely had runs like this. It’s ok because they aren’t all like that. I recently told a boy that I am training for a half marathon that he needs to learn to never judge a single mile of your run. One can be hard, the next can be great, and so on. I bet your next run will be a breeze. I too love running in my childhood neighborhood πŸ™‚

  4. Sometimes I look at my watch every few minutes it seems and others I hardly glance at it. I love your pic of the bears. Actually, I never thought about bears even in N.S. I never saw one when I was there at all.

    • We do have some pretty friend bears in a few communities….they are getting more adventurous looking for food and coming into developed areas now…kinda scary too! Hope all is great on the West Coast!

  5. Until recently I was a serial watch watcher. I have found that my runs go SO much better when I don’t bother myself with it! I love running through my old neighborhood (I actually did this over the weekend) and seeing how the houses I knew when I was younger have changed!

    • I find if my run is good I rarely look at my watch and if it’s bad I’m always looking at it. It’s fun to see what has changed in your old neighbourhood πŸ™‚ And congrats again on Dopey!!

  6. If I run without my iPod I look at my watch too often, if I’m listening to music I only check it a couple times. Some of my best timed runs are the ones I least wanted to leave the house.

  7. I like that bear photo. It kind of looks like that up where I live and they’ll be waking up soon! When I have one of those terrible runs I swear I’m checking my watch every 25 seconds. I tend to just push through as I know I will feel worse if I quit.

  8. Bad runs make the good runs better. Keep your chin up, you know that another day those same hills will feel effortless with a nice turnover. When I’m in the middle of a bad run I try to focus on my form. Usually it feels uncomfortable because I’m not leaning properly or heel striking or something has gone wrong that I can totally control.

    Next weekend we’re heading to my parents house for a wedding so I get to run the old subdivision roads again. Can’t wait!

    • I went for a run this afternoon and managed to run up the entire hill for the first time. It’s long and steep but I was pumped I made it up!
      Have fun at the wedding and running the old roads!!!

  9. Bad runs happen and suck. Then you forget about them and move on to awesome runs! I think they make you really appreciate those runner’s high-type runs. And they are good for mental training – pushing through when your brain really, really wants to stop.

    Most of the time I don’t look at my watch but just wait for the mile beeps so that I know how far I’ve gone.

  10. Haha at least you ran!! I try not to look at my watch frequently because it makes it harder- but I have those horrible runs where I’m glued to the screen, counting down the miles. I don’t think I ever throw in the towel during a bad run. I just figure (as long as I’m not injured) a super slow and crappy run is better than no run.

  11. I try to stick out the terrible runs and at least get my miles in, no matter how ugly it can get. I figure even if I do not benefit physically from it, mentally I will be myself up if I at least can’t finish what I have planned.

    I look at my watch more than I probably should. I think I do this and then hold back so I do not exhaust myself too early.

  12. Wow, it was a ‘bad’ run and you still did it in a good time, way to go! Sounds fun running in your old neighborhood!

    The bear picture was what I was waiting for around every corner of my run last night… never been that far into those woods on foot before (dirt road between here and windsor… not a soul in sight but I’ve seen bear tracks). I was getting nervous!

  13. Way to get through it!!! Some runs are just no as good, but I think it’s important to push through them. I try to never look at my watch (except to see how far I’ve gone occasionally). It can mess with your head, so that’s why I try to avoid it. Watch out for bears!!!!!!

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