Injury at 98

Oh man! Injury 98 happened Tuesday night.

I put the girls to bed, washed the dishes, wrote a WIAW blog post, thought about folding laundry after spending too much time on my computer and then got ready to run.

7:55pm Turn on treadmill and this popped up:

Lube Belt

Lube Belt


LUBE BELT. I hit 150 miles and my treadmill required a little oil under the belt. No problem, I was preparing for this for a few weeks. {Can you see where this is going?}

Instructions in hand, T-wretch in hand, I loosen the belt. Go me!

I take off the top to the small little container of oil and proceed to try to SQUEEZE the life out of it.

No luck 😦

Off I go to the kitchen {See where this is going, yet?}

I get a knife and try to cut off the end being very very careful. No luck 😦

I go get  my camping knife {oh, please tell me you see where this is going} and no longer in my kitchen but sitting on “THE BEAST”. A few thoughts in my head “go slow”, “cut away from yourself”, “easy does it”.


Not one but TWO fingers 😦     $#@%&*$(#$%@$% $%@^$ @$%^@

I sliced one finger and pricked the other. WTF {sorry Mom}.

injured fingers (

injured fingers (

Why Injured at 98?

As of Monday April 28th, I had run a total of 98 km. I had two more days to clock in more than last months total of 101 km and I was more determined to get in before my playoff soccer game Wednesday night.

No. Such. Luck.  THE BEAST was down, husband away, neighbour away so I couldn’t even run outside if I wanted to. Which at that point, I totally did. I even thought about running around the basement of my house…but am pretty sure I couldn’t get in 4 k doing that.

No run. Blood everywhere, treadmill unusable and I couldn’t even take myself to the hospital if I needed to. So I texted my Paramedic husband and sent him photos…….verdict in  – get it to clot, bandage it and see how you feel. I was in pain most of the night 😦

Friggin’ injury 98…..back up plan to get the km in:

  1. I had to drop off my car to get some work done and planned on walking home. Change that to RUN home. I could get in an easy 3 km. That would bring me to 101.

I crossed my fingers (not the injured ones) and hoped I could get in at least get 3-4 km in before my soccer game Wednesday night. I am 100% driven by the “Around the World Running Blog Relay Challenge” AND the fact that I really want to run more km then I did the last month.

Yours truly,

Injured at 98, Piper.

Note: I realize this is NOT a running injury per say….but a stupid mistake that is related to my running.

PS – I managed to fit 3k before my co-worker picked me up in the morning! L-u-c-k-y 1-0-1 !!!!

Ever do something STUPID like that?

How many km did you run/walk this month?

Tell me something positive about YOUR day, please 🙂