Injury at 98

Oh man! Injury 98 happened Tuesday night.

I put the girls to bed, washed the dishes, wrote a WIAW blog post, thought about folding laundry after spending too much time on my computer and then got ready to run.

7:55pm Turn on treadmill and this popped up:

Lube Belt

Lube Belt


LUBE BELT. I hit 150 miles and my treadmill required a little oil under the belt. No problem, I was preparing for this for a few weeks. {Can you see where this is going?}

Instructions in hand, T-wretch in hand, I loosen the belt. Go me!

I take off the top to the small little container of oil and proceed to try to SQUEEZE the life out of it.

No luck 😦

Off I go to the kitchen {See where this is going, yet?}

I get a knife and try to cut off the end being very very careful. No luck 😦

I go get Β my camping knife {oh, please tell me you see where this is going} and no longer in my kitchen but sitting on “THE BEAST”. A few thoughts in my head “go slow”, “cut away from yourself”, “easy does it”.


Not one but TWO fingers 😦     $#@%&*$(#$%@$% $%@^$ @$%^@

I sliced one finger and pricked the other. WTF {sorry Mom}.

injured fingers (

injured fingers (

Why Injured at 98?

As of Monday April 28th, I had run a total of 98 km. I had two more days to clock in more than last months total of 101 km and I was more determined to get in before my playoff soccer game Wednesday night.

No. Such. Luck. Β THE BEAST was down, husband away, neighbour away so I couldn’t even run outside if I wanted to. Which at that point, I totally did. I even thought about running around the basement of my house…but am pretty sure I couldn’t get in 4 k doing that.

No run. Blood everywhere, treadmill unusable and I couldn’t even take myself to the hospital if I needed to. So I texted my Paramedic husband and sent him photos…….verdict in Β – get it to clot, bandage it and see how you feel. I was in pain most of the night 😦

Friggin’ injury 98…..back up plan to get the km in:

  1. I had to drop off my car to get some work done and planned on walking home. Change that to RUN home. I could get in an easy 3 km. That would bring me to 101.

I crossed my fingers (not the injured ones) and hoped I could get in at least get 3-4 km in before my soccer game Wednesday night. I am 100% driven by the “Around the World Running Blog Relay Challenge” AND the fact that I really want to run more km then I did the last month.

Yours truly,

Injured at 98, Piper.

Note: I realize this is NOT a running injury per say….but a stupid mistake that is related to my running.

PS – I managed to fit 3k before my co-worker picked me up in the morning! L-u-c-k-y 1-0-1 !!!!

Ever do something STUPID like that?

How many km did you run/walk this month?

Tell me something positive about YOUR day, please πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Injury at 98

  1. ah, sharp things and fingers and not meant to be friends. Once when I was little I was carving a stick with a chisel (don’t ask me how I got my hands on a chisel..) and I was being bad and cutting it the wrong way and totally sliced into my left thumb. Fortunately it wasn’t that deep and didn’t need stitches but man do I have bad finger luck sometimes.

    • You got that right! Hurting fingers is SO painful…I’m thinking I probably should have had stitches. I did go to the Dr. and he just have me a cream and said to soak it in warm salt water #awesome!

  2. Every now and then, we all need a little lube, let’s be honest. I’ve sliced off the tip of my finger at a BBQ (serrated knife), that was also a bday party, and it bled and bled and bled and we had to tape a tea bag to it and I had to sit with my arm over my head until it clotted. Talk about making EVERYTHING about you, lol.

  3. Oh man that sounds awful, and so something I would have done. Really sorry to hear about that. Love that you got your miles in. Typically runner πŸ™‚ Hope everything heals nicely!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one this could happen two πŸ˜‰ I was pretty happy to get my run in … funny how some things become a priority πŸ™‚ It’s slow going on the healing but in progress, good thing is it’s my finger not my foot!

  4. Your poor fingers! I could write stories every day of the stupid things I do. Mostly my feet and toes are magnets for large heavy objects. I’ve managed to drop 3 things on my feet in the last 6 days: a 8ft long 1×4 across the top of my foot, a full water bottle square onto my big toe from a distance of 1m – that really hurt, and my dogs e-collar radio controller square onto the other big toe from about 1m. That’s just this week…

  5. Sorry about your fingers but happy to hear you got creative with your running πŸ™‚
    Something positive about my day…I had a work meeting outside in the sun. I am off at lunch today for Social Media Camp today, tomorrow and Saturday. Should be fun!

    Take care!

  6. I just checked my mileage since you asked and I ran 102 km in April. I am very surprised at myself, I hadn’t been checking the monthly stats since I start started back running in March. Now, though I am probably going to obsess over it. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

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