Photo’s From My Run

I try to run on my lunch break 1-2 times a week when I’m not traveling to meetings. It’s not always idea but it then free’s up my evening to do chores blog πŸ˜‰ Today’s run didn’t really have a distance attached to it but more speed work.

I headed out for my run and waited for my Garmin to catch the satellite …. kinda awkward to do on the corner of a busy intersection.


Then, I decided to run a long the trail and hit up the local track…it’s been a long time since I did “fartlek training” (okay about 15 years) . I thought I would do some around the gravel track. There was one other person at the track and he was walking when I arrived and the hopped on his bike. We exchange “nice weather” and then he added “nice shoes”!

They do kinda rock. especially with the florescent neon yellow socks my husband bought me at Christmas. It works!

Gravel Track - Fartlek time...

Gravel Track – Fartlek time…

However, Β before I got to the track, I saw these steps and thought “that would be fun to run up/down”.


I took it slow and stead and did them twice, only because I had to get back to work, ya know.

My whole run was easy other than the speed work and steps. I ran an easy pace but a few times had my head down by my feet breathing every ounce of air I could, walked a little, stopped at a cross-walk but managed to get in 5k in about 32 minutes.

It was a nice change and in the end, I really didn’t mind the stairs. After I picked up the girls, we got the mail and this arrived:


From the Virtual 5k Keep Calm & Run On 5k Run I did back in April. Fun!

Then, I ended my night hanging with these cuties….a good night selfie to Daddy while he works πŸ™‚

Lilly, me and Hilary

Lilly, me and Hilary

All in a day’s work πŸ˜‰ Β Well…kinda of.

Do you change up your runs randomly or follow a strict plan?

Ever see stairs and think “that might be fun”?

Do people complement your runners?

12 thoughts on “Photo’s From My Run

  1. haha, I love how you saw the stairs and decided that was a good idea. I’m pretty sure most people avoid running up stairs at all costs.

  2. Those stairs look scary! Well, on a good day I might think they look fun, but today they look scary.

    I run on lunch also. I have to wait until my husband is home to watch the babies so I can get a run in. I try about 3x/week but sometimes more sometimes less. I just try not to go too long between.

  3. Right now I’m kind of on a strict plan, but usually I like to switch it up! Those shoes are awesome and I’m not surprised you got a compliment on them! And I love that shirt!

    Funny story about stairs. I’ve never seen any and thought that it would be fun, but I was routed the wrong way on a 10K course and was forced to run up a steep flight of them. I was not amused.

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