When Did Long Runs Become Easier?

Yesterday, I had a 12k  run on my training plan and was kinda of dreading it! Don’t we all dread long runs (sometimes) ?

Bluenose I'm going to Giv'er

I spent all morning (8am – 12:30) standing on my feet in my new wellies (yes, rain boots). Why? Well, it was 1 out of 2 Youth Runs I was involved with through work….you know, TWO hard days at the office 😉

Both were a great success with lots of kids running 3k, 4.2k or 5k as part of their Kids Run Clubs at school.

dv runs 2014


I was dreading my long run and was going to run it after I finished worked Saturday afternoon. However, it was calling for rain and I just wasn’t feeling it. When I got home I ended up taking an afternoon nap while Hilary napped. It was just what I needed. I still wasn’t sure I was going to run 12k that night.

After I got the girls to bed, I looked for my running gear and couldn’t find any – it was all dirty still! I guess that’s what happens when you choose running over chores in the evenings, whoops! I finally found some soccer shorts and an old running shirt that was a few sizes to big and decided I’d at least get on the treadmill and try to pull off 8-10k.

In between getting the girls to bed and finding some running gear, I drank my Vega “Pre-Workout Energizer” drink (review to come) and decided I would eat 1/2 a Vega bar during my run to keep me going.

I started my run with .76 of a km walking and talking on the phone. Once I got off the phone I started running and got into it. I watched two shoes: Grey’s Anatomy (meh, it was alright…a time passer) and once that was finished I watched Blue Bloods.

I managed to run the full 12km without stopping at various paces (8/8.5 – 9.5/10). For some reason my 12 km run was easier than my 8k the night before. On Friday night I struggled through 8k….like REALLY struggled. I walked about 4 times, slowed my speed down more than I wanted to and just wanted the run to be over and done with. It was like I didn’t have any spark in my step or interest to keep running. It wasn’t pretty.

Why was my 12k run easier than my 8k run the day before? I have no idea but I’ll take it. I managed 40km of running last week and now ready for an easy week of running before the Bluenose Marathon.

And now I am off to fold three loads of laundry – happy mother’s day to me 😉

Ever struggle with a run days before a long run?

When did long runs become easier for you? (Yes, I realized they will not always be easy)

Anyone race this weekend?

8 thoughts on “When Did Long Runs Become Easier?

  1. I definitely have days of running dread. One thing I always try to remember is that sometimes those are the best workouts. Some days the runs I am most excited about end up being awful. But I learned years ago when I was figure skating that those dreaded workouts can end up being the best once you push through the initial dread. Sounds like you are ready for a marathon!

    • Ha ha…a MARATHON!!! I don’t know….it’s on my list to do some day…I am tempted to keep my long runs up and register last minute for a 1/2 marathon…but we’ll wait and see on that one.

      Yes, the dreaded workouts usually turn into the best ones. I guess that’s why I keep running….because I know those good runs are SO good 🙂

  2. Yes you basically described last week. I think I’m just overall TIRED though. My 12 over the weekend was way harder on me than the 18 or the 20. So weird!

    Great job getting out there and getting it done!

    • I think I am over tired as well…my body is shutting down today and I’m fighting off something (hoping whatever this is doesn’t take over me this week before my race).

  3. I don’t know if they ever get easier for me. Once I conquer the distance then I challenge myself with my speed so it’s a never ending cycle lol!!

    Good for you for getting out there!

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