Okay, 1/2 Marathon……

It’s taken me a long time to decided between two 1/2 Marathons that take place back to back weekends in October.

1. The Valley Harvest Marathon

2. Prince Edwards Island Marathon

half crazy

I’ve talked about it here AND more extensively here about them but just couldn’t decide until a few weeks ago when I was at a youth run. I was chatting with the race director from the Valley Harvest and she talked about when she ran the 1/2 and FULL and something just clicked. Valley Harvest 1/2 it would be for me.

So…it looks like I’ll run my second 1/2 Marathon this Fall … gulp!

All registered - October 2014!

All registered –  No turning back!

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to do the PEI 1/2 Marathon and will run it someday. I plan on running my Half and then make  our way to Halifax for our family (Canadian) Thanksgiving Dinner….head’s up MOM….I’ll be RUNgry 🙂

Now, PEI isn’t entirely out of the question for me as I am debating on running the 10k distance still. I think it would be a good introduction to the event itself and a fun way to finish off the running season.

So, Valley Harvest 1/2 here I come…PEI 1/2…I’ll run you next year…maybe I’ll run my first FULL in PEI – Ha ha! I have to get it checked off my bucket list one of these days 🙂

How long does it take you to decide on a race?

Anyone running a 1/2 Marathon this Fall ? Which one?

Have you ever met the Race Director of a big race? I have met two, pretty down to earth race directors.


11 thoughts on “Okay, 1/2 Marathon……

  1. I will literally go back and forth on a race until the last minute! Esp if it’s a local race and I can sign up the day of…

    I’m actually contemplating running the divas half the weekend before my marathon… only bc I did it this time and it worked out for me PLUS the medals are awesome! I’m also contemplating the hat trick the weekend after my marathon… I know I know….

    I have met two race directors… one was a female who came up to me and congratulated me… and talked to me for a while… super nice! and the second one I got to a race early…. and I basically made friends with him and we actually still stay in touch through FB…

    • There are SO many awesome runs out there it can be hard to only sign up for one 🙂
      That’s awesome you are still in touch with him. I always try to see them on race day and Thank them because they usually are stressed out and get lots of complaints.

  2. We have a lot of races around here that are half marathons, but also feature a “quarter marathon” distance. I’ve never done a quarter, but there is one this August that lines up exactly with when I should be doing that distance for a training run, so that’s what I’m likely going to do and then do my half in the fall!

  3. I have been going back and forth for weeks about a marathon in the fall. It is really bugging me that I can’t decide. I will need to start training in late June so I need to figure this out! So tough.

  4. yay, I’m glad you were able to come to a decision! I may run a half in the fall if I get my running mojo back, we’ll just have to see…..

  5. Congrats, good luck on your training! It didn’t used to take me long to decide, but then races got more expensive and crazy and stuff and sell out and what not, and now I pick and choose.

  6. How exciting!! It takes me a little while to decide but not too long–it’s usually logistics related (babysitter, husband’s work travel, etc) I’m running a half and a full this fall 🙂

  7. Woo hoo!! Congrats on choosing! It takes me awhile to make decisions too, especially if they are going to involve any amount of travel. You are going to do great! I have a 12 miler in August and may run a small half in September, but then I have a full in October.

  8. How exciting! I’m a huge planner so I usually organize everything way in advance. Plus I’m cheap and like to pay the cheapest price possible. So I registered for my fall marathon way back in January!

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