Things I Learned On Last Night’s Run

Well…..I think I finally got my running mojo back! Yes, I lost it….didn’t want to admit it but it happened. I did a short 2k run the other day just to shake out my legs on “THE BEAST” but I felt awkward running on it. Almost out-of-place.

I took Wednesday off. Well, really…I had to get groceries while my mother stayed with the girls. You know, grocery shopping at night without any kids is quite fun!!!


Post run fudgesicle anyone?

I learned a lot on my run……..

1. Walking to warm up is a good thing even if you started your Garmin already.

2. It’s okay to put your hand out to “high-five” a 7/8-year-old girl who is running towards you with a smile on her face. Twice 🙂

3. If you run past a Chocolate lab, they will chase you….even if they are attached to a leash around their owner’s waste.

4. I think I might have perfected spitting while I run, finally!

5. I’m think I’m going to hurt later today, more specifically, my abs, shoulders and legs are going to hurt. Yes, my shoulders!

6. I love running after 8pm outside – perfect temperatures, just enough sun shining down, lots of people outside.

7. The sound of sand on a paved road under your feet sounds terrible.

8. Before my run started, I thought I wanted to run with music again which would mean finding my iPod and uploading music. After my run….not so much.

9. It’s 100% normal to run up and down your street to finish off a certain amount of kilometers (or miles). I mean, common’….who wants to finish their run at 4.94 km ?????

you know you are a runner when

10. Life is short, get off your ass and move! 5k done!

What have you learned on your runs lately?

Anyone been chased by someone else’s dog before?

Run with or without music?

23 thoughts on “Things I Learned On Last Night’s Run

  1. Dear running mojo welcome back!

    My runs lately have taught me, that I’m stronger than I think. I don’t think I give myself enough credit for my mind/body strength and just recently I got a wake up call when I ran my marathon letting me know that “Hey chica, you are pretty tough! Don’t forget that !”

    I was literally just telling my students about how I was running by a house last week that had two dogs chained up outdoors freaking out, one came flying out of the house, and one (a lab) fame from the back of the house and chased me down… I like dogs but not when they are chasing me!

    I typically run with music but depending on my location I will alter the volume… if i’m in an area i’m not familiar with or uncomfortable in… it’ll be very low… otherwise I’m rocking out to whatever is on my playlist that day!

  2. Sometimes it’s more fun to run up_down your street a bajilkion times (or block, in my case)because people actually think you are crazy. And I think it’s funny. And is there anything better than play time in a grocery store?

    • I had so many colours on me last night (basically zebra pants, bright blue and orange runners, neon green/orange socks, a purple short sleeved shirt and a blue long sleeve shirt around my waste (it got warm)…I’m sure my neighbours were just looking at what I was wearing and not how many times I ran up/down the road 🙂

  3. So glad you’ve gotten your mojo back! This is what I love about running- there is a lesson to learn with every run.

    I am terrible at spitting while I run and I always get it all over my face. I have ran half marathons where my upper body was so much more sore than my lower body. I am pretty sure this is a testament to my poor running form, but I just ignore the signs and go with what feels good at the time.

    • I used to run with music and enjoyed it but haven’t done so in a few years. I thought I wanted to give it a try again but failed to find my iPod…and it doesn’t have any songs on it. I guess that’s a sign. I find running is my time to think about everything and nothing 🙂

  4. Just on yesterday’s run we had a dog run across a road to chase/play with us. Turns out he was friendly thankfully. I never run with music as there are too many dogs and wild critters out and about that I need to keep and eye and ear out for.

  5. Very nice! I also don’t run with music. Gave it up a year ago and don’t miss it. A few weeks ago I was running and a dog was in the back of a pick up truck driving past me, when he saw me he leaped out of the truck at me, luckily 9for me) his leash was tied to the truck bed, his body hit the street and the truck drug him for a few feet till the owner stopped and put him back in. Hopefully he won’t jump out at runners any more!

  6. Oh, I cant finish without even numbers! Fudicles? they look lovely! Glad you had a great run! I love running with music! I have a 10k in August and no headphones allowed… boo!

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