Ready or Not…Here I Come…EPIC Canadian

Yeah, it’s race day! I’m guessing I should do something EPIC today! Maybe I’ll just run the EPIC Canadian 10k race 🙂 I kinda wish I was doing something a little more EPIC like the 5k race after the 10k but maybe next year 😉

I had such a great race at the Bluenose Marathon (10k) back in May that I seemed to fall off the running/training wagon…whoops! I struggled a lot with getting back to running and my training plan but slowly got to where I wanted to be and to a place that I was comfortable with.

I had a busy week with work, Lilly’s soccer and trying to pack for this weekend … plus Hilary was kind enough to share her head cold with Lilly and I. 😦 So I am going into this 10k with a head/chest cold – awesome!

That being said…I’m ready…ready or not, here I come EPIC Canadian 10k 🙂

 Flat Piper:


This race might not be pretty but I do know I will finish it. I do know I’m excited for it. And, I do know that I’m going to give it everything I have – what else can you ask for, right? So, I leave you with my race goals…because technically I scheduled this post to go up as I start my run.

My goals for today’s race:

A: Best Case or Ultimate Goal: Personal Best – under 57:17

Of course, I would LOVE to have a personal best…but I’m not going to be upset if I don’t get it. I know I haven’t trained the way I wanted to…for a personal best and I’m okay with that. That being said, if it happens, I will take it.

B: Race Day Goal: Sub 60 Finish

I’m a competitive person in sports (soccer, running, badminton, volleyball – okay those last two were from when I was a teenager but I was competitive about it). I want to challenge myself…I don’t run 4-5 nights a week after working a full day and taking care of two little girls just for the fun of it {okay, maybe I do}. I run for the challenge, for the rush, for the sense of accomplishment and to achieve my goal but more importantly I run to be a role model for my girls.

C: Almost guaranteed Goal: Finish the Race

I know I can finish 10k of running. I know I can run those friggin’ hills and may run out of steam at some point. I know that I can do it…simple.

D: And one more for Good Luck: Can’t a girl want a little luck on race day? While you are all snuggled in bed or eating breakfast I’ll be running and could use a little luck.

I’m off to do something EPIC 🙂

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Happy weekend everyone!

Anyone else racing this weekend? If so, GOOD LUCK!



Life lately

What have we been up to?  A little bit of this and a little bit of that: soccer, lake swimming and running 🙂

Heading out to soccer with our girls 🙂

Soccer night!

Soccer night!

First Swim in the Lake (her not me)


Brave girl!

Cutest little soccer fan ever!


So serious about soccer!

More soccer…………


Red light, Green light.

And some running, last 7k before my EPIC Canadian 1ok 🙂


My “I’m ready for a run” selfie

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What have you been up to lately?

Any big plans for the weekend?

Energy Bits Review and Giveaway (US only)

I’ve had another opportunity to test out some Energy Bits! So sit back, relax (after you’ve workout of course) and enjoy…PS – giveaway to US peeps only…sorry fellow Canadians.

I was given the opportunity to try out Energy Bits before but I was pregnant back then and just not sure it was something I wanted to try while pregnant. So, my husband {vegan} tested them out before Cycling. He didn’t notice any benefits from taking them but didn’t rule them out for something that would benefit you pre-workout.

Then I got the opportunity to test them out this past month. I had a little sample pack that had around 65 bits in it. They suggest you take 30 bits before a workout for ultimate results. So, I did.

30 ENERGYbits

30 ENERGYbits

Oh man…I’m being completely honest…it was A LOT of pills to swallow. I can’t say I enjoyed the taste of them so it was really hard to keep taking more to get my 30 in. I felt like my runs were good after taking them (the two times I used them) but I didn’t feel like I had more energy during the runs because of the bits. However, I didn’t feel terrible during my two runs either.

Overall, I’m not sure it would be something I would use on a regular basis. The taste alone made it hard for me to swallow 30 of them…but I did it.


Other reviews on Energy Bits:  I wanted to share with you a few bloggers that tried them.  Plus, I really respect these bloggers and value their opinions….plus they are Canadian Girls 😉

Elle from Eat, Run, Sail: Review # 1 and Review #2

Suzi at Confessions of a Fitness Instructor: Review 

Note: I was given product to review and these opinions are my own. Thank you Jonathan for the opportunity!

Now the fun stuff – click on the link below

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Have you ever tried Energy Bits?

What’s your go to food/drink before a run/workout?

Happy Hump Day!

I’m Feeling Ready

Happy Monday!

We survived two birthday parties, a fever (still ongoing) and our first swim in the lake (for Lilly, not me) this past weekend. Somehow, I managed to get in two pretty good runs and learned a few things.

Watching big sis in the water

Watching big sis in the water


Friday night 9k on the treadmill 🙂 Pretty good run but for some reason I hate kilometers 1-3  on my runs. Summer running is sweaty running and cooling down outside after a treadmill run is fantastic!

Saturday (after two birthday parties) I managed 12k! My sister came to work her wonders in our front garden and my mother (who recently had shoulder surgery) came to visit and stay for a few days. Once I got the girls in bed, I quickly put on my running gear and went outside for a 7.2km run. IT.WAS.GREAT.


Gosh, I hate taking selfies (before I ran)

I ran by people out in their yards, a high school grad party (with a little too much booze), a cop talking to someone so I turned around to avoid them and then it started to rain and cool me off. I finished the 7.2k at my house and then ran 4.8k on the treadmill. I just wasn’t too sure about leaving my mom alone with the girls for too long … {a.k.a One-armed Grammy}… mainly if she had to deal with little Hilary if she woke up.

That last 4.8k sucked. It sucked so much….I hated it and just tried to get through each kilometer. One. At. A.Time. I was so happy to see the end of that run……100% soaked in my sweat and feeling pretty darn happy to get in 12k. Somehow, I didn’t hurt the next day {thank you PRO Compression socks) but by 5pm my energy level was crashing fast.


This Saturday is the BIG EPIC Canadian 1ok for me (you can also run the 5k option afterwards or any of the triathlon events on the Sunday). This is what the course looks like:


I’ll be honest…I’m scared! It’s looking pretty hilly and I’ve done very little, if not, zero hill training since the Bluenose 10k on May 18th. It’s going to be interesting … no wait… it’s going to be EPIC!

Sure, I’d love to get a Personal Best but I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket.

I want to have fun.

I want to be able to laugh after that nasty looking first hill and think…piece of cake!

I want to cheer on my friends running.

And, I want to enjoy the moment {when I cruise over the finish line}.

I want to finish the race.

I vaguely know the course as I have run some of it before but it’s been a number of years since I did that. It’s calling for sunshine and rainbows….kidding, well – it IS calling for sun and a high of 22 {feels like 25}. The run is at 8 am so I am hoping for a little cooler temperatures.

My plan this week is to run Mon/Tues/Wed and rest Sun/Thurs/Friday!

Oh, and thanks for all your comments on my last post...sometimes you just have to “Think In The Moment”.

Other news: I have a review and giveaway coming up – stay tuned.

Anyone race last weekend/this coming weekend?

Do you “think/live in the moment?”

Anyone else devouring watermelon like our family these days?




Think In The Moment

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a pretty good week of running here and I feel like it’s been a while since I could say that. I’ve managed 22k so far and hoping to get two more runs in (9k and 11 – 12k) in the next two days…we’ll see.

I’ve been digging. Digging to find wear running sits in my life. Digging because I know running something that I love to do but still have struggled to do so….to follow my training plan…to even put on my running clothing.

think about running


Nobody said training for a race would be easy.

Nobody said working, having children and life in general would be easy.

Someone did say to me last fall “slow down, live in the moment”, “lower {change} your expectations” and “you can’t do it all”. I listened to my friend when she said that to me last fall but have recently thought about it again.

So, I’ve slowed down my training, I’ve been living in the moment with my family and I’ve changed my expectations on what I can and can’t accomplish.

I emptied my dishwasher this morning but not the dish rack. And Yes, I have dirty dishes awaiting my arrival later today. My laundry is never caught up but I’m really hoping I have a least 1 sports bra clean so I can run in a clean bra tonight. I don’t know what we are having for dinner tonight and I’m okay with that, I still got a few hours to think that one out 😉

I saw this photo and thought it was just how I was feeling. Since I am getting ready to run another 10k race  (June 28th) I am thinking about what I need to do to just get to the event. It helps that I won another $25 gift card to the Running Room – frigging lucky, I know!

The journey to this race is completely different then to my last race at the Bluenose Marathon. And, I know it will be different when I soon start to train for my 2nd 1/2 Marathon {eeek!} but the good thing is that I know I will get there in the end. Rocky roads, bumps, turns and good luck all await us.

“Think in the moment”

Enjoy your weekend and your journey.

Do you think in the moment or in the future?

Anyone have two birthday parties in one day {for 4 year olds} ? 

Anyone racing, running, cycling????

Birthday, Soccer and Running

It’s been busy around our house the last little while…..birthday, soccer and running 🙂

Someone turned 4!

PR The Sherwoods

Birthday Fun!

PR Lilly and Anna June 14

Someone started soccer….and someone else wanted to play too 😉

PR Lilly's soccer

And of course we celebrated Father’s Day by hanging out, playing with bubbles, jumping {and getting soaked} in puddles and good food – {no photo’s taken as we were too busy playing}.

I’ve managed to get a few runs in too!

I registered for the 3 KM for 3 Fathers – RCMP Memorial Fathers Day Run. If you didn’t hear, on June 3rd, three Canadian RCMP Officers were killed and two were shot and in hospital. The community of Moncton was under lock down for over 24 hours until the suspect was captured. Everything shut down and it was all over the news, social media etc.

Father's Day Run

The Running Room in Moncton quickly pulled this event together and drew interest world-wide. I couldn’t drive to Moncton for the run (4 – 5 hours) so I signed up online {$20} to run it virtually. I ran it on my treadmill in my red socks while Hilary slept, Lilly was in quiet time and Saï was relaxing. All the money went into a trust for the families and a company donated the cost of t-shirts for the run – talk about community, eh!

I had not run in a few days as my right calf muscle was really bothering me. I got on my treadmill, ran and as I came close to the 3 km mark I watched the distance go by and started sobbing at 2.94km. Why? Because those Father’s will NEVER see their children again, those children (born and unborn – yes, one of the wives is expecting a baby), those wives, those mother’s/fathers and friends will never see those three people ever again. It’s just beyond sad.

I cried a little more and continued on to run 5k. That was the saddest 5 k I’ve run, it wasn’t for me….it was for them.

I’ve managed to get a few 5k and 6k runs in the last few days but am SO far behind my training plan for my 10k race on June 28th. It’s okay, not where I wanted to be but I am getting back to running and getting the kilometers in.

Did anyone run on Father’s Day?

Those with kids: What’s activity do you love to watch your kids do?

Anyone have a summer birthday coming up?

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Lillian

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Lillian,


Lilly – you are the world to me (so is your sister). Four years ago, Daddy and I had no idea you where going to join us early. It was Sunday June 13th and my water broke at 10:30 pm in bed and I freaked out! I can laugh now but I wasn’t then. Your Daddy kept me pretty calm and told me everything would be just fine.

Everything happened so fast we had little time to think. When you came out your Daddy told me “It’s a Girl” and I cried. You were perfect but your ear was bent over. I thought that if that’s all that is wrong with our baby who was 4 weeks early then I can handle that. The nurse then flipped your ear back and said the cartilage wasn’t formed yet and it was just bent.

We had our challenges getting you to nurse and once again, Daddy got me through it (with some help from medical professionals over 2 months). You may have come 4 weeks early but you were a strong little one.

You are one of the most caring little girls I’ve ever met. You love to try new things, love to laugh and love your family and friends dearly {Mommy could learn a few things from you – and I have}. Your smile is beautiful, your personality is hilarious and I can’t wait to see what you will do with your life.

Lilly Piper's Run 2014


We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Don’t ever change 🙂

Happy 4th Birthday to you, Sweet Lillian.

I love you to the moon and back.

xo Mommy, Daddy and Hilary.

An old post about Lilly and Lilly 3rd Birthday.