Happy National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!

I run because

Yesterday, I had the day off work  and had a million errands to run, one of them was a 7 – 9k run outside. I took my sweet time getting ready and took forever to get ready … procrastination was my game yesterday. It was 19 degrees celsius and only going to get warmer. I left the house a little worried I wouldn’t be able to run in the heat after all…it’s been a late start to spring/summer weather in Nova Scotia.

hot run june 3 2014

Hot run outside accomplished! Red face and all.

Why I run?

This really hasn’t changed for me in the last few years….

I run for my girls, my husband and my family. I run to escape and think about life at the same time.  I run to be healthy and fit.  I run for the passion of leading a healthy lifestyle.  I run to be a positive role model for my young daughters.  I run for me. 

What I’ve learned about running:

1. The more time you invest in your running the more you benefit from it.

2. That my Garmin is a tool to help me reach my goals but my body and mind are what get me there.

My 10k PB

My 10k PB

3. That I can challenge myself and reach my goals EVEN when I think they are lofty goals.

4. That the support I receive from my friends, my family and bloggers is something I never expected.

5. That I’m a strong person.

6. That I am a positive role model for my girls.

Me and my BIg Girl - Bluenose Kids 2k Run

Me and my BIg Girl – Bluenose Kids 2k Run

7. That I can influence others with this blog (which I never really thought I would do).

8. Bad runs are good for you. Many bad runs are good for you.

9. To plan your recovery after a race – your legs will thank you.

10. Running is good for your mental health in more ways than we know it.

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Why do you run?

What have you learned from running?  (Or walking, cycling, crossfit, zumba, dance etc)

Has physical activity/sport ever changed you?