Lost My Motivation

The title says it all…I’ve lost my motivation to train. 😦

I want to train, I can train but I’ve just lost my drive….my motivation….my passion to run right now.

And that kinda sucks. 😦

I have the 10k EPIC Canadian race on June 28th that I was hoping to do well in but feel like at this point if I can just finish the 10k, that will be an accomplishment. I am following the same training schedule I did for the Bluenose 10k but have missed far to many days because I’m tired or I just don’t want to run. Who says that? “I just don’t want to run”?!?!?!?!?

Maybe I’m just afraid to fail….fail at getting PB again? Maybe, maybe not. I think it’s more I am afraid to fail at achieving my goal of completing a 10k under 60 minutes again.


It’s the trying part I’m failing at….I just can’t seem to bring myself to train well right now. I guess you have to have a runner’s low before you can get back to your runner’s high.

Wow…clearly I’m a “Debby the downer” today…here’s something sweet for ya:


Like mother, like daughter.

Ever get in a slump with your training?

Any tips on how to get out of it?

How was your weekend?