Birthday, Soccer and Running

It’s been busy around our house the last little while…..birthday, soccer and running 🙂

Someone turned 4!

PR The Sherwoods

Birthday Fun!

PR Lilly and Anna June 14

Someone started soccer….and someone else wanted to play too 😉

PR Lilly's soccer

And of course we celebrated Father’s Day by hanging out, playing with bubbles, jumping {and getting soaked} in puddles and good food – {no photo’s taken as we were too busy playing}.

I’ve managed to get a few runs in too!

I registered for the 3 KM for 3 Fathers – RCMP Memorial Fathers Day Run. If you didn’t hear, on June 3rd, three Canadian RCMP Officers were killed and two were shot and in hospital. The community of Moncton was under lock down for over 24 hours until the suspect was captured. Everything shut down and it was all over the news, social media etc.

Father's Day Run

The Running Room in Moncton quickly pulled this event together and drew interest world-wide. I couldn’t drive to Moncton for the run (4 – 5 hours) so I signed up online {$20} to run it virtually. I ran it on my treadmill in my red socks while Hilary slept, Lilly was in quiet time and Saï was relaxing. All the money went into a trust for the families and a company donated the cost of t-shirts for the run – talk about community, eh!

I had not run in a few days as my right calf muscle was really bothering me. I got on my treadmill, ran and as I came close to the 3 km mark I watched the distance go by and started sobbing at 2.94km. Why? Because those Father’s will NEVER see their children again, those children (born and unborn – yes, one of the wives is expecting a baby), those wives, those mother’s/fathers and friends will never see those three people ever again. It’s just beyond sad.

I cried a little more and continued on to run 5k. That was the saddest 5 k I’ve run, it wasn’t for me….it was for them.

I’ve managed to get a few 5k and 6k runs in the last few days but am SO far behind my training plan for my 10k race on June 28th. It’s okay, not where I wanted to be but I am getting back to running and getting the kilometers in.

Did anyone run on Father’s Day?

Those with kids: What’s activity do you love to watch your kids do?

Anyone have a summer birthday coming up?

13 thoughts on “Birthday, Soccer and Running

  1. Awww happy birthday to your sweet girl! They are both so cute. And I love the soccer pictures too. She looks so serious about her sport! I love watching B in her gymnastics class but for fall she has requested ballet. I am going to LOVE watching that!

    That is such a tragedy and I’m glad you were able to sign up and run the race virtually. I would have been so emotional too. 😦

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