Energy Bits Review and Giveaway (US only)

I’ve had another opportunity to test out some Energy Bits! So sit back, relax (after you’ve workout of course) and enjoy…PS – giveaway to US peeps only…sorry fellow Canadians.

I was given the opportunity to try out Energy Bits before but I was pregnant back then and just not sure it was something I wanted to try while pregnant. So, my husband {vegan} tested them out before Cycling. He didn’t notice any benefits from taking them but didn’t rule them out for something that would benefit you pre-workout.

Then I got the opportunity to test them out this past month. I had a little sample pack that had around 65 bits in it. They suggest you take 30 bits before a workout for ultimate results. So, I did.

30 ENERGYbits

30 ENERGYbits

Oh man…I’m being completely honest…it was A LOT of pills to swallow. I can’t say I enjoyed the taste of them so it was really hard to keep taking more to get my 30 in. I felt like my runs were good after taking them (the two times I used them) but I didn’t feel like I had more energy during the runs because of the bits. However, I didn’t feel terrible during my two runs either.

Overall, I’m not sure it would be something I would use on a regular basis. The taste alone made it hard for me to swallow 30 of them…but I did it.


Other reviews on Energy Bits:  I wanted to share with you a few bloggers that tried them.  Plus, I really respect these bloggers and value their opinions….plus they are Canadian Girls 😉

Elle from Eat, Run, Sail: Review # 1 and Review #2

Suzi at Confessions of a Fitness Instructor: Review 

Note: I was given product to review and these opinions are my own. Thank you Jonathan for the opportunity!

Now the fun stuff – click on the link below

—–> a Rafflecopter giveaway <——

Have you ever tried Energy Bits?

What’s your go to food/drink before a run/workout?

Happy Hump Day!

12 thoughts on “Energy Bits Review and Giveaway (US only)

  1. We have a whole bag of those that a friend gave me, our bag says to have a whole bunch every day to cure all sorts of ailments, I took them for a bit but didn’t really notice anything different. I take some once in a while when I think of it. The Eat Run Sail review – she chewed them… EEWW. All I can picture when I take them is the algae in our fish tank.

  2. I’ve never tried them – I’m always looking for things to experiment with because I haven’t found my “magic formula” for always having greats runs. (The “magic formula” exists right?!)

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  4. Well, I never heard of them. I like the ingredient, sounds like it would be good. But I don’t know about swallowing 30 of them- that’s just crazy to me. I haven’t thought too much about pre-run fuel yet, but the more I run I need to start thinking about it. So far I just try to eat someting healthy and not go on an empty stomach. Thanks for the interesting idea!

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