Ready or Not…Here I Come…EPIC Canadian

Yeah, it’s race day! I’m guessing I should do something EPIC today! Maybe I’ll just run the EPIC Canadian 10k race 🙂 I kinda wish I was doing something a little more EPIC like the 5k race after the 10k but maybe next year 😉

I had such a great race at the Bluenose Marathon (10k) back in May that I seemed to fall off the running/training wagon…whoops! I struggled a lot with getting back to running and my training plan but slowly got to where I wanted to be and to a place that I was comfortable with.

I had a busy week with work, Lilly’s soccer and trying to pack for this weekend … plus Hilary was kind enough to share her head cold with Lilly and I. 😦 So I am going into this 10k with a head/chest cold – awesome!

That being said…I’m ready…ready or not, here I come EPIC Canadian 10k 🙂

 Flat Piper:


This race might not be pretty but I do know I will finish it. I do know I’m excited for it. And, I do know that I’m going to give it everything I have – what else can you ask for, right? So, I leave you with my race goals…because technically I scheduled this post to go up as I start my run.

My goals for today’s race:

A: Best Case or Ultimate Goal: Personal Best – under 57:17

Of course, I would LOVE to have a personal best…but I’m not going to be upset if I don’t get it. I know I haven’t trained the way I wanted to…for a personal best and I’m okay with that. That being said, if it happens, I will take it.

B: Race Day Goal: Sub 60 Finish

I’m a competitive person in sports (soccer, running, badminton, volleyball – okay those last two were from when I was a teenager but I was competitive about it). I want to challenge myself…I don’t run 4-5 nights a week after working a full day and taking care of two little girls just for the fun of it {okay, maybe I do}. I run for the challenge, for the rush, for the sense of accomplishment and to achieve my goal but more importantly I run to be a role model for my girls.

C: Almost guaranteed Goal: Finish the Race

I know I can finish 10k of running. I know I can run those friggin’ hills and may run out of steam at some point. I know that I can do it…simple.

D: And one more for Good Luck: Can’t a girl want a little luck on race day? While you are all snuggled in bed or eating breakfast I’ll be running and could use a little luck.

I’m off to do something EPIC 🙂

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Happy weekend everyone!

Anyone else racing this weekend? If so, GOOD LUCK!