Run, Vacation, Repeat (I wish)

I’ve been totally MIA here but for good reason 🙂 I’ve been on vacation! We hit the road last Friday so I could run 10k at the EPIC Canadian 5k/10k in Halifax on Saturday. THEN a few hours later, we drove to PEI (Prince Edward Island) to spend a few days with Daddy/Hubby and some family.

In short….


Krystol (left) and I pre race.

Krystol (left) and I pre race.

Recap to come 🙂



We swam, ran and celebrated Canada Day (Happy belated Canada) with friends and family. Lilly learned how to “pet” a jellyfish … certainly not by me. We got orange beach feet (red/orange sand is everywhere in PEI )and had +30 degree celsius weather. I’m literally sweating as I write this, it’s that warm outside at 9:30 PM in Nova Scotia.


Splash pad fun/picnic lunch and Hilary learned how to use a pen……..during her nap 🙂 Check out her right leg.

Our artist!

Our artist!

I managed to get in two runs post 10k race (a 6k and 4k run) and didn’t suffer in pain after my race (Yeah me!) and worked on my Chaco tan a little 🙂 My running totals for June are 109 kilometers – woah Piper!

Chaco Tan or Island Beach Feet ?

Chaco Tan or Island Beach Feet ?

Repeat – oh how I would love to repeat my last week of running, vacationing and being outside playing with our girls. Maybe when I win the lottery 😉

How was your Canada Day? 

Any plans for the 4th of July? Us Canadian’s partied to hard on July first to do it again on the 4th so we’ll leave it up to our neighbours to the south. 

How’s the weather where you live? Hot/cold ?

PS – I’ll pick an ENERGYbits winner Friday.