C-Ya June…Hello JULY!

I thought it was time to wrap up my June goals when I finally convinced myself that it’s JULY! I love the month of July, not because it’s my birthday month {well – maybe} but because it just screams summer fun! Beaches, swimming, bare feet, camping, pools, friends, BBQing and just plain old good times.


I had a lot of June goals – you can read them ALL here … thought I’d spare repeating them again. I’ll recap a few good ones and some I just didn’t do:


  • Ran inside and outside 4-6 days of the week.
  • EPIC Canadian Race 10k – Yes, race recap still to come.
  • Managed 108 km of running this month. I finally beat my 101km record – yes!
Krystol (left) and I pre race.

Krystol (left) and I pre race.


  • Trip to PEI – Yes
  • In Bed by 10 pm – I may have done this but sure didn’t go to sleep at 10 pm. Gotta do better.
  • Walk the Plank Challenge – totally..nailed failed it. Gosh, I have SUCH good intentions sometimes 🙂
  • Date night with hubby – we managed one night out at a Turkish Restaurant – delicious food. One is better than none!
  • Took a Mental Health First Aid Course for work – HIGHLY recommend everyone take it.
  • Got a massage AND my hair cut.
  • Celebrated Lilly’s 4th birthday 🙂

Played outside with the girls – sure did between soccer, playgrounds, lake swimming – we did pretty good.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island {boardwalk}

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island {boardwalk}

July Goals:

  • Run.
  • Sleep.
  • Play outside.
  • Blog.
  • Read a book.
  • Turn 1 year older.
  • Double workouts: Run and DVD workouts.
  • Spend time with my girls and my husband.
  • Rejuvenate my wardrobe due to loosing weight. Good for me not for my wallet.
  • Run some more.

July’s reading material

I’m keeping it simple this month. Life is hectic right now and I need to slow down a bit.

How did your June goals go? 

Do you have any goals this month? 

Keep it simple or hectic lifestyle – what do you prefer?

PS – Happy 4th of July to my American friends, family and blogger peeps! Looks like you’ve all been having a wonderful time celebrating (as seen on FB/Instagram etc).

PSS – You can find me on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

4 thoughts on “C-Ya June…Hello JULY!

  1. Charlotte town looks lovely! You got a lot of June goals done! I may need to make more goals per month….I like this idea! Have fun shopping! 😉 I do not envy you of that! Retail ‘therapy’ is torture!

  2. I enjoy a simple way of life and am looking forward to slowing down a bit this summer. Great job on your June goals…you are moving forward with each one and that’s what is important!

    That boardwalk in PEI looks like an amazing place to do a run!!

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