Summa wea-tha

It’s been an interesting week around here with Hurricane Arthur hitting us last weekend. Power outages, day care closure and I missed work due to power outage, then on top of that BOTH girls are sick AGAIN! Little sleep had by all 😦 but life goes on.

Last Friday just after a short but heavy rain fall I went out for a quick run around 8pm. A run I really didn’t even want to get dressed for, I was THAT motivated. I decided that running 3 km would be a good start but quickly changed it to 4 k. I also added in a hill that I normally hate but am coming to love the challenge and added another kilometer for a total of 5k!

It was so hot out that I ran in short-shorts, not something I typically do because these thunder soccer-thighs don’t like short-shorts. However, I recently bought some body glide – hello new friend!

Pre Hurricane Arthur

Pre Hurricane Arthur

I recently got a new pair of PRO Compression sleeves so I can sleep in these with nothing on my feet. I want the benefits of the compression socks in the summer time but sure hate wearing anything on my feet on hot days/nights. Win-win!

I took a few days off from running with the storm, then I had a terrible 4k on the treadmill Tuesday afternoon while Hilary slept and Lilly rested. Oh well, at least I got it in!

Yesterday was super hot in the Valley so I dressed accordingly in a summer dress and sandals but by the time I arrived in Halifax for a workshop it was foggy and freezing! Crazy how the weather can change in an hour’s drive. Good old Nova Scotia… wait 5 minutes if you don’t like the weather and it will change.

summa dress

While in Halifax for work {without kids} I managed to watch some football {as my husband calls it} and relax a bit – something that I really suck at. “Relaxing” doesn’t come easy for me.


Today’s a special day … it would have been Lilly’s due date (4 years ago). However, she decided she wanted her own month and own birth – day…as it’s also my birthday today; we would have shared the same birthday. We both now have the number 4 in our age 😉

Other fun news – This weekend, I have been invited to play with a city team in a big soccer tournament – The Gunn Baldursson . It’s an all women’s tournament that I’ve played in A LOT growing up. I have a few Gold, Bronze and even Silver medals in my collection. Maybe I’ll add to my soccer medal collection instead of my running medal collection this weekend. I’m pretty pumped as I thought my cleats were hung up until the winter indoor season starts in October. #luckyme

No long run for me this weekend as I’ll be doing lots of speed work a.k.a. sprinting 😉 I wonder how many kilometers I’ll run during one game…I kinda want to wear my Garmin to find out but that’s not allowed.

Ever clock how many km/miles your run during another sport?

How’s the summa wea-tha where you live? Hot/cold/Hurricanes? 

Ever dress wrong for the weather and then regret ?



Some fu

10 thoughts on “Summa wea-tha

  1. Happy Birthday!!! The weather has been a bit funky over hear too, it’s either hot and humid or stormy and windy.

  2. Body Glide is good stuff!! My “curvy” legs love that stuff. Someone once told me that she learned awhile ago, “If you love it, lube it.” Wise words for a runner 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! I totally need to invest in some body glide… my thighs haven’t been enjoying long runs in my tiny shorts I’ve been wearing since it’s been so hot! Today it’s finally cooling off (down to the 80s) where I am… it’s been 90s and humid for what feels like forever!

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