Life Cycle of a Soccer Tournament

Last week, I got invited to play in a soccer tournament – one of the largest women’s soccer tournament around the Maritimes. Since I’m not playing with my Valley team this summer it was a great opportunity for me to get on the field again for a short period of time. It went a little something like this…..


  • Lineup babysitter for Friday night, family for Saturday – check.
  • Recover from birthday eats, hydrate and eat well – check.
  • Find my soccer gear: sports bras, shorts, socks, cleats and shin pads – check.
  • Get nervous – check.

Day 1 of tournament:

  • Recover from birthday fun, work all day, pick girls up {dinner, bath, play and bed}.
  • Get babysitter set up and head off to game only knowing only two people on team 🙂
Sports bras, jersey and injury.

Sports bras, jersey and injury.

Game #1: 9:00pm Raymond Field 

  • Very excited and nervous at the same time. What if they don’t like me? What if I suck on the field?
  • Game held at Raymond Field at Acadia University (beautiful turf field)
  • Game time – learning as many names as I can and it’s go time. Manage to play really well and had fun.
Raymond Field @ Acadia University (Wolfville, NS)

Raymond Field @ Acadia University (Wolfville, NS)

Injuries occurred during this game: Right ankle {must have been kicked by someone’s cleat} swollen on inside of foot; Right boob/armpit area bruised {maybe an elbow from someone else}; and Left side of torso {kidney area was hit by the ball within a few feet of another player – that really hurt and left a nice red mark on my skin. I couldn’t even sleep on my side that night. Also, hurt my toe somehow!

Recovery: Stretch, Smoothie from McD’s, ice and elevated ankle then went to bed midnight with PRO Compression sleeves on 🙂

Day 2 of tournament:

  • Up with both girls around 7am; breakfast, playing and getting ready for the day.
  • 10:30 am – Get Lilly’s hair cut, drove her home and leave for soccer.
  • Arrive late to the game (10 minutes before the start) but I had a shade shelter for the team 🙂 On drive to the game I realised I had not brushed my teeth this morning – awesome! 

Game #2: 12 noon – Dyke 3 (grass field)

  • Game on grass field. Really, Senior Women’s teams should not be playing on such a short field.
  • I recognize  a lot of the players on the other team…from when I coached them in Under 12’s over 10 years ago !!!
  • Set up our only goal with my left foot (I’m a righty)
  • Drank my Vega Sport drink – is my favourite of everything I’ve tried of their products.
  • Lost the game – everyone is happy it’s over, home I go to sit in our kiddie pool with Lilly. So refreshing!

PR Soccer Gunn Pool Hair Cut

Injuries occurred during THIS game: No new injuries but my left toe is starting to bother me and right ankle is still sore. I am feeling old after this game.

Recovery: Stretch, Vega bar (chocolate/coconut), grilled chicken sandwich, salad, water, Kool-aid juice pack from team-mate.


Game #3: 6 pm Raymond Field {again}

  • Drive to game at 5:15 and remember that I STILL had not brushed my teeth all day – gross.
  • Start game and Lilly/My Dad arrive to watch. Best thing to hear while on the field “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”!!!!
  • Ran into the posts of our net to save a goal – little cut on my arm.
  • We played really really well but somehow lost the game – oh well. Everyone is happy we don’t have to play the next day.
  • I got MVP of the game 🙂

Injuries occurred during THIS game: Head hurts from heading the ball too much all weekend; cut/bruised my arm,  multiple bruises to my legs and my toe isn’t too happy. Blew a hole in my cleats – dang…now I need a new pair.

Recovery: Watermelon, another smoothie from McD’s (pomegranate/blueberry is amazing}, dinner: chicken and asparagus, ice cream cake/pie, cheese ball and crackers and lots of water. I iced my toe and ankle at bed time…my toe is 100% bruised and swollen at this point and my ankle is bruised and slightly swollen but not really injured at this point.

PR Soccer Gunn Food

Day 3: No games

We didn’t advance so there are no soccer on Sunday – THANK GOD! I couldn’t imagine playing another 2 games today. I hurt so much….my neck, shoulders, obliques, abs, hamstrings, shins, thighs, calf’s and feet hurt. I feel like I’ve worn stiletto heals for 8 hours and someone drove over my big toe. It hurts to walk down stairs and squat to sit on the toilet or chair!

Ice, Elevation, Rest and Vitamin "I" to recover!

Ice, Elevation, Rest and Vitamin “I” to recover!

Having said that, I wouldn’t change a thing. It felt great to be on the field again {Raymond field at that!}, fun to be playing again with a team after running so much on my own and feeling that my level of soccer has improved over the last year not to mention my fitness.

One of the best parts of the tournament was having Lilly watch me play. I want her to see me playing a sport a love. I want her to be exposed to a healthy lifestyle with a little chocolate on the side. I want her to experience opportunities that take you places and change your life.

Number one Fan

Number one Fan

My toe might not have survived the tournament but I sure did. Now to rest a little and get back into running and some cross training. Oh and don’t worry….I managed to brush my teeth before going to bed last night, man that felt great!

How was your weekend?

Ever sprain/break your toe {other body part} ?

What’s your secret to recovery after a sporting event?



8 thoughts on “Life Cycle of a Soccer Tournament

    • Yes, I’m sure you’ve run around that track a few times 😉 I still can’t believe how good the McD’s smoothies are – if you haven’t had one it’s a must try!

  1. Ouch, lots of owies! Sounds like a great weekend and a special opportunity to play soccer. I think your daughter must be very proud of you, even though she’s young. This is something she’ll always remember.

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  3. Sounds like a fun (and painful) tournament! So cool that your daughter was able to go and cheer you on 🙂

    A teammate broke my toe during a soccer game a few years ago… we were both trying to mark the other team’s best player during a corner, there was some chaos, and one of my teammate’s cleats came right down on my toe with his full weight on it. Ouch! I still give him a hard time about it. I’ve also sprained both ankles enough times that I’ve lost count! I hope all your injuries heal quickly!

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