Half Marathon Training Plannin’

I finally had an awesome run the other night! I took it fairly easy all week with my running after 3 games of soccer (tournament) last weekend. My toe still hurts and my ankle is still tender to touch but I really can’t complain about it all.

you don't have to go fast

My focus for the week


Sunday – Rested. Napped in the afternoon and went to bed early – my body needed the rest.

Monday Ran 5k on Treadmill. I knew this run would be hard so I walked for 10 minutes to warm up and then ran/walked when I needed to until 3k. I managed to run 3-5k at a slow pace. Iced my toe and then stretched.

Tuesday – Ran 4k  on treadmill. I was planning on taking it slow again and my legs were feeling good. At the 3k mark, I knew I only wanted to go another kilometer. Did a lot of stretching, iced my toe again and stretched. Oh, and took some Ibuprofen.

Wednesday Ran 5k on treadmill. I finally woke up feeling really good! This was a great run. I was able to get my speed up and my legs were good to go!

Thursday – Rest day. The only running I did was errands sans kiddies – 2 hours of errands makes for one tried Piper. I had a case of the runner’s jealousy – saw many runners while driving my car and wished it was me 🙂

Friday – {today} I plan to run 5-6k in my new kicks outside tonight (once it’s cooled off) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Saturday – {planning} Longer run 7 – 8k.


New Balance 890’s I won from the EPIC Canadian Race in June 🙂

Then my 1/2 Marathon Training begins. I’ve been trying to decided which training plan to follow as there are SO many out there. I ran my first 1/2 Marathon in 2006 – Bluenose Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I wasn’t blogging then – heck I didn’t even know what a blog was! I might do a recap of it just for fun – to revisit what I did for training, how the run went etc. Anyway….

I decided on Hal Higdon’s plan but since I’m a Canadian gal…I like to run in Kilometers not miles. So, I made a few adjustments in red:

Piper's 1/2 Marathon Training Plan

Piper’s 1/2 Marathon Training Plan

I think I am finally happy with my training plan for the next 12 weeks. It’s hard to believe that will be running these distances again as a Mama of 2 little girls, working full-time and trying to manage the house when my husband is away. However saying that, I am really excited to see how it goes. I’ll try to recap each week on the blog. I also have 2…maybe 3 races coming up before the 1/2 in October.

I’m pumped it’s Friday! This is the first weekend since the May long weekend (May 17/18th) that we don’t have anything planned. Okay, one play date Saturday morning but no driving long distances or needing a babysitter 🙂

And because they are so darn cute:

Our sweet girls :)

Our sweet girls 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Anyone starting their training plans for fall races ?

Weekend plans?

33 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Plannin’

  1. I hear you on the miracle of having no weekend plans. Sometimes you need to just do nothing to re-set yourself. I am impressed with all your treadmill runnings. I could not do that! Good luck with your half training. I don’t think you can go wrong with Hal.

  2. SHOE TWINS!!! That’s so awesome! That blue is the best. 🙂
    I think I’m going to be going Higdon style for my race again. I love pretty much everything he ever says.

  3. Love the new kicks. I’ve just bought a new pair of trainers and it really puts a spring in your step! Your girls are adorable!

  4. Hooray for feeling good! I think Hal Higdon is a great choice. I have all of my full and half marathoners on plans very similar to his. It is a strong but safe plan. Your girls are absolutely adorable.

  5. Hee hee, I know the mile to kilometre conversion all too well. I was born in Germany, but now live in the UK. Miles don’t make a lot of sense to me, so I always work in kilometres, much to the befuddlement of my running buddies! Good luck with the Half Marathon training. I think Hal’s plans are a great starting point, but I always tweak any plans to make them work better for me personally. Over the years, I’ve just learned to know which workouts I’ll need to recover from and which ones I’ll bounce back from, so I use that information to make changes to any generic plan. Perhaps it’s something to think about. 😉

    • Yes, I’m excited to start training for this 1/2 🙂 Wow, sub 2 half – that would be awesome. My first half was 2:33 which I was aiming for 2:30 so I was pretty happy with that. Now…I’m aiming for 2:15!

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