Running and an Unexpected Surprise!

Happy Monday! 


I’m rather sad to see this past weekend end, to the point that I wish this week was my vacation week. Sadly it’s not and therefore I’ll be at work this week 😦  My weekend started off with a great run in my new shoes: New Balance 890’s.

The first 1-3km I was trying to figure out if I liked them or not. I found the heel rather hard  in my left shoe and slightly uncomfortable. The shoes are SO light compared to everything else I’ve ever had. I ran 6k outside and did some hill repeats x3. It’s hard to tell after just one run but give me a few weeks in them and I’ll let you know what I think of them.  It was a slow run but I was happy with it.

The hills were during kilometers 4 and 5 which shows in my times…..but I didn’t walk any of it 🙂

PR run July 18 2014 Blog

Saturday morning at 3:44 am I got woken up by someone coming into my bedroom {that sounds bad but it wasn’t}. My parents were staying over (hence the run outside and not on the treadmill) so I though it was my father. He’s had a number of Charlie horses in his legs so I thought he might be coming to ask about ice/meds etc.

When I saw the light {again, that sounds bad}, all I could think of is “Why is Dad so tall all of a sudden?” and “What’s wrong?”. It was in fact, my husband who is 6’2 but I was SO confused as he wasn’t supposed to be home. He came home to surprise us for 5 days – best reason to wake up at 3:44 am. Then I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to see him! The girls were super thrilled to see him in the morning too! Win win for everyone!

The girls and I had a play date Saturday morning at a friend’s house – we got to swim in the lake, had a picnic lunch and Lilly got to try out her friend’s kayak!!! It was a great morning AND I somehow convinced Krystol {my running buddy} to sign up for the Valley Harvest Half Marathon!!! I’m just a tad excited to run it with her 🙂

RP Weekend Fun July 2014 Blog

We spent the rest of the weekend outside at our house: sprinkler fun, bubbles, walks and playing in the sandbox not to mention eating some good food. I took Saturday off from running and ran Sunday: 7k on the treadmill and was soaked in sweat – summer running at it’s best.

How was your weekend?

Anyone run?

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by your spouse expectantly?



8 thoughts on “Running and an Unexpected Surprise!

  1. Yay for the hubs being home but that is indeed quite a hilarious way to announce that you are back! maybe next time he should wait 3 more hours… Thank goodness you didn’t think he was an intruder or something!
    I definitely ran (good job on those hill by the way), but we’ll save that for today’s post.

  2. I ran on Saturday at a parkrun (5km) about an hour away from home. Zero degrees (celsius), frost on the grass, and I hadn’t run for a couple of weeks. It was a hard slog but felt great to be out there running again. 🙂

  3. It was a great playdate! When I told my husband about the half marathon he said “is Anna’s last name Jones?” -As in ‘keeping up with the Jones’ haha. Thanks for the motivation 🙂 We’ll have to work in some regular runs together sometime too!

  4. That’s the best surprise for real! I also get disoriented when I’m woken up. Sometimes when I’m extremely tired, I fall asleep on a couch in front of TV. When I am awaken by my hubby to go to bed, it takes me about a minute to figure out where I am, who he is and what he wants from me LOL! NO running for me this past weekend, but plenty of yoga and hiking. I also wish it was still Sunday 😀 xoxo

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