You Know You Are A Mother Runner When…

Training for any race or event requires a lot of dedication, discipline, passion and support from others. You find a training plan, question it a few times, start it and try really hard not to miss any runs. And then you add in kids to that mix = Mother Runner! {Or Father Runner}

just started my half marathon training plan this week and almost missed a run! I switched day 1 and day 3 because I didn’t want to take a day off running to do strength/stretching workout. And, tonight I am going to a Yoga for Runners workshop so it just worked better to switch the days. Nothing wrong with that. 

Yesterday, I had the day off work / meeting at my boss’s house – BBQ, swimming in his pool and my family got to join us. We spent between 2-3 hours in their pool – lots of treading water for me, catching the girls as they jump in the pool and outside in the sun. Hard day at work 🙂 We all crashed when we got home and got ready for Lilly’s soccer.

Saï took Lilly to soccer and I ran a few errands since we have a babysitter for Hilary on Tuesday nights. Poor Hilary hates when I leave her with other people. We also decided yesterday would be the day we’d take Hilary’s dummy (soother) away from her! She’s almost 20 months and we have to do it at some point. She LOVES her dummy – I think it’s harder for me then it is for her.

Once I got home and had Hilary read for bed, the tears started {for her not me}. At this point, I was on my own so I let her cry for a bit {I know, I know…not cool but it’s a parenting decision we’ve made}. I went in to check on her, calm her down and cuddle. She was so tired but seem like she was in another world – even her mouth was mimicking the motion of her dummy in her mouth. I left feeling terrible and called my mom to distract myself – oh and to give her a heads up that she’s going to have to deal with the “no dummy baby” tonight 🙂 Lilly got home late from soccer and we finally got her to bed.

Mother Runner Soother


At 8:15, I didn’t think running was a good idea as I was starving so I started to prepare dinner – super late for us. I had a quick conversation with my husband and decided that I needed to run and he’d prep dinner. I had 30 minutes to get in a 5k run and that I did –> 29:04. When I got home, Saï made me a Vega Recovery drink and I helped him finish making our dinner…..we ate at 9:15 pm !


Vegan Creamy Avocado Pasta.

It was the first time I was trying the Vega recovery drink and asked Sai to take a picture for me {as any great blogger would ask of their husband} and he took the picture at the exact time of my reaction! I’m not sure if I liked it at first, ha ha! But I devoured the drink, my pasta and some bread in 10 minutes.

July 22 run

It was a crazy day but we had lots of fun and I was exhausted when I went to bed.

At least I got my run in 🙂

Mother Runner, that I am!

Oh – and Hilary slept all night no problems!!!

Ever change your training plan to better meet your needs?

Parents – when did your kids give up their soother/dummy/binky/soo soo?

What’s the latest you like to eat dinner at night?


13 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Mother Runner When…

  1. My little one wouldn’t take any of those – she would just throw them. It was actually quite entertaining and it probably saved me quite a headache 🙂 Good luck to you!

  2. We transitioned away from the bink a couple weeks before Betty turned 2 and it was ROUGH for the first few days. I was so happy to get rid of that thing though! We sent them to the zoo so the baby lions could have them. (That’s how the story goes anyway. 😉 )

    I’ve definitely changed my training plan up to meet my needs. That’s basically all I can do right now while I’m still getting better!

  3. I always modify my training plans–I pencil in what I aim to do for the week and then write what I actually do in pen! I have a guest post on fitncookies (Heather’s blog) on this exact thing on Friday, lol. Good luck on the transition–I don’t have kids yet, but I know how well those types of changes can go 😉

    • I like to plan what I am doing each week but like going with the flow of it sometimes too. I always write down my mileage and then add it up at the end of the week.
      Thank for the heads up on your guest post – will check it out!

  4. Wow, what an adventure. I am always so hungry that I want dinner by 6:00pm. If I had to wait til 9:15pm I would be so grouchy! But great work getting the run in. I always tell my runners that it is better to switch around your schedule or get in whatever you can than to not do anything at all. My husband is training for Chicago right now and he switched his entire week around because it was just one of those weeks. Nothing wrong with that 😉 Good luck with the soother. I love the baby lion idea!

    • Usually, I would be extremely hungry by 6pm too but we were so busy that I wasn’t hungry until 7:30/8. I was starving then and that’s why I almost didn’t run!
      Modifying a schedule can turn out to be a good thing 🙂

  5. During Training for my last marathon, I don’t think I ever had a week where I completely stuck to my training plan! 😉 Things happened and I would have to change the mileage or the days. This will be the first year where all of my kids are going to be in school for at least a couple of days a week! So I am really hoping to do a little better sticking to the plan this time around! 🙂
    Great job getting your run in!!

  6. Good luck transitioning without the dummy! I would think that as a mother, you’d have to change your training a lot. Things just come up. Great job getting the run in.

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