Yoga Me

It’s not often that I can get out to a yoga class or zumba class, so when a “Yoga for Runner’s” workshop happen to pop up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to go. One class. One and a half hours long. Why not?

Knowing that my husband wouldn’t be around that evening {before he surprised us} I secured Grammy and Grandad to take care of the girls. Win-win for everyone. My running buddy, Krystol signed up for the workshop too so that made it even better.

Last night we met up and left my house with Hilary screaming in the background. They were in good hands and I had to keep telling myself “this is good for her and good for me”. It can be hard leaving your screaming children even if it’s with your parents. Lilly was more concerned about playing with Grammy and Grandad then me leaving.

PR Yoga Me

Suzi taught the Yoga for Runner’s workshop and spent a lot of time going through each move, explaining what muscles it was stretching, why and the benefits. She gave us a handout to follow and later emailed it to us along with a video of the sequence – double bonus!

Each pose I felt my muscles stretch and lots of “ohhhhh’s” and “ahhhh’s” and “man that felt good” going on in my head. I normally stretch after every run or soccer game but not always in great length. I think that’s about to change!

I loved that we took the time on each pose and it wasn’t rushed like a yoga class. We practiced the flow of the moves and that was it. One hour and 55 minutes later we were done! Krystol and I went for an ice cream {no photo’s taken} and I’m pretty sure ice cream does not count as a “post workout protein” snack but we couldn’t resist…after all it was Mama’s x 2 night out!

I got home just before 10pm! My body felt great and I’m pretty confident that my stretching after running will be forever changed. The video/sequence is about 14 minutes long and my goal is to this after every run!

Next steps are getting the girls more into yoga 🙂

Do you go to regular scheduled fitness classes each week?

Ever go to a workshop for runners?

What’s the worst post-workout snack you’ve had recently?

12 thoughts on “Yoga Me

  1. What?! Ice cream doesn’t count as a post work-out protein recovery snack? I try to hit yoga twice per week. Sometimes the classes are nice and stretchy and sometimes they are isometric holds of pain. I still like them.

  2. You know how I feel about yoga. 🙂 I’m so glad you loved it! I have never taken a specific class for runners but I often do sequences geared toward runners in my home practice. My local running store will be offering a series of classes in October that I will most definitely be taking!

    • I really wish I could make yoga more of a constant in my life. I did it when I was pregnant with Lilly and LOVED it. It’s so hard to get to a class right now so Yoga at home it is 🙂

  3. I go to several classes a week. I used to go to yoga but I fell out of love with it a bit. I had a chicken wrap and chips after my workout last night. 😳

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