Half Marathon Training Week #1 Done!

My first week of half marathon training in the all done!!! I have to admit it was a pretty awesome week of running. I usually like to start my training on Sundays but this training plan starts on Mondays which kinda threw me off later in the week. It’s all good.

What was planned VS. What happened!

Sunday – 7k {not part of training} It was a super hot day and my husband was home. We both wanted to run that day so I decided to run on the treadmill in the afternoon {in our cool basement} and he ran that night around 8pm. He made the better choice as it was still super hot in our basement when I ran. I wish I would have just waited until the evening but glad I got it done.

Monday Stretch & Strength: 5k- fast outside {28:41} Was so close to getting a new PB but failed and then slowed down for the remainder of the run. Ahh well, another time. What I loved about this run? That when I got home my husband got his running gear on and ran 8 km. #tagteam 🙂

Tuesday 5k  – 5k outside {29:04} a.k.a The day we took Hilary’s dummy away! This run almost didn’t happen but I managed a late night run (8:30 – 9 pm). I was really happy I got it done. 

Mother Runner Soother

Wednesday5 x 400 @ 5k PaceYoga for Runners Workshop I went to a 1.5 hour workshop on yoga for runners…it was great. Just what my body needed. I basically switched Monday and Wednesday’s workouts minus the speed training. 

Thursday 5k – Rest Day I took today as a rest day as I had Friday off work and wanted to run outside then inside. 

Friday – Rest Day5k outside. Had the day off work and kept the girls in day care! I had the whole day to myself and took advantage with a slow run outside in the humidity heat.

PR Day 5 Training VHM

Saturday 5k8k treadmill 100% read the plan wrong and thought my long run was on Saturdays not Sundays. It was a good run…nothing spectacular but I was happy to run that distance again. 

Sunday8k5k outside. We took a trip to visit my family in Halifax and I went for a run in my old stopping ground. It. Was. Awesome! I got a new 5k Personal Best of 27:43 🙂

New 5k Personal Best

New 5k Personal Best

And just like that my first week of training is done, only 11 weeks more to go!

Total Mileage for the Week: 28km

Total Mileage for Training: 28km {Can’t wait to see what it is after 12 weeks}

How was your weekend?

Ever mess up your training schedule by mistake?

How’s the heat ?

20 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #1 Done!

  1. Nice job on the PB!!! You’re really logging in the miles, keep it up and you’re going to have an awesome half-marathon 🙂

    • Sure is!!! At the beginning of last week I was second guessing the “Intermediate” training plan I chose but after a conversation with my husband that night I am feeling a lot better about it.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. You’re rockin’ those runs lady!! I wish my brain automatically converted km to miles so that I could easily figure out your distances lol. It still takes me a while. Canada and the rest of the world needs to tell the US to just switch to metric already 😉 And ugh the heat makes running so hard!

  3. Yes, I’ve been following along. I know you had a great week! And I think you know I had a tough one due to it being the hottest week of the year. When you get in your car and the thermomater says 109..ouch. I wouldn’t mind so much if the humidity wasn’t so flippin high!

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