Sun Salutation 30 Day Challenge

Okay, I’m 99.9% terrible at doing monthly challenges. Each and everyone I start I usually stop. I’m hoping this one I can get through more than half when I usually stop!

30 Day Sun Salutation by Jodi Higgs 

30 Day Sun Salutation Challenge

Please note: I did not create this workout but am sharing it on my blog. To find more of Jodi’s workouts go here –> Jodi Higgs 

Are you starting a 30 day challenge {fitness, food or other}?

What’s your favourite Challenge?


12 thoughts on “Sun Salutation 30 Day Challenge

  1. I love monthly challenges but you’re absolutely right that it’s hard to keep up! I did a plank one for July where the goal was to get to a 5 minute plank by the end of the month–yeeeeaaah….not so much. I got to 3 minutes lol!

  2. I am horrific at monthly challenges and never do them. Except I did say that I would do a challenge for the month of August with Sara of Lake Shore Runner. We shall see how long I keep that up…

  3. Interestingly enough I just challenged myself starting last week to try and do 30 days of yoga. I have missed one day so far (not bad for me). But I really can tell a difference. I want to try 30 days without sugar….but every night I decide to do it and every morning I change my mind 🙂

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