Jumping July….it’s Auuuugust already!

It’s August! Somehow each and every month I am somehow surprised that another month has ended. I look back and think, what did I do? That’s kinda why I like to recap it here on the blog…oh and keep me accountable.

July was a roller coaster of a month. We had a family trip to PEI to visit Sai and celebrated Canada Day together, I got a little older and ran some. I kept my goals real simple:

  • Run – Yes. I finally decided on a 1/2 Marathon Training Plan.
  • Sleep – Well, of course I slept but somehow I’d only average 7 hours a night…oh and that’s not 7 hours in a row. I’m pretty sure with two kids under 4, I will never have a full nights sleep 😉
  • Play outside – Oh yeah!

RP Weekend Fun July 2014 Blog

  • Blog – ummm, yup.
  • Read a book – I started a book.


  • Turn 1 year older – Yup, I’m now 34.
  • Double workouts: Run and DVD workouts – NOPE, didn’t even attempt!
  • Spend time with my girls and my husband – Yes.
  • Rejuvenate my wardrobe due to loosing weight. Good for me not for my wallet. Sure did, got some great second-hand buys and some summer sale items.
  • Run some more. I ran 77 km this month, a little on the lower side for me but I also played in a soccer tournament and hurt for days and took a Yoga for Runners Workshop 🙂 Oh and I had a new 5k Personal Best !!! 
New 5k Personal Best

New 5k Personal Best

Goals I didn’t plan in July that happened anyway:

  • Saï came home unexpectedly for 5 days – this was just awesome!
  • My car died on vacation – what a mentally draining thing to go through.
  • We bought a new car while on vacation – mentally draining too!
  • We took Hilary’s dummy {soother} away from her, she asked for it randomly but has pretty much gotten over it 🙂 Win for the parents!

Alright August this is what I have in store for you:

  1. Run 10k with friends at “A Shore Thing” Run {August 4th is a holiday here}.
  2. Train for 1/2 Marathon.
  3. Finish the book I started.
  4. Book another vacation since mine was high jacked by my car.
  5. Think about updating the blog {again}.
  6. Clean my house.
  7. Relax more on my rest days. Seriously, this one’s going to be hard.
  8. Take the girls to the beach and zoo at least once.
  9. 30 Day Yoga Sun Salutation Challenge – complete.
  10. Hike Cape Split with my husband *or in September*

My monthly goals are getting shorter and shorter as the year goes on. Sure hoping that’s a good thing.

Do you have any goals this August?

What are you looking forward to this month?