Half Marathon Training Week 2 Done!

Another running week in the books. As week #3 has started yesterday with a 10k race {recap to come soon} I took some time to think about last week’s training. It was full of up’s and down’s in life and running all while on vacation. It wasn’t the best vacation but after getting through the weekend and some awesome runs with friends, I have to admit it wasn’t terrible either.

life is tough

Week #2 of half marathon training went a little like this:

What was planned VS. What happened!

MondayStretch & Strengthen. Nothing. No running, no walking, nothing.

I lost my car today as it bit the dust while visit my parents and wasn’t worth it to fix. We had hoped to keep it at least until next summer so it was a bit of a blow to lose it. At least we weren’t in an accident. My mind sure had a hard time getting wrapped around the idea that I no longer had a car. It was a bad bad day, I was mentally drained and couldn’t bring myself to do anything.

Tuesday: 5k –  6k on the treadmill at 8:30 pm – I took Lilly home so she could get to her soccer session so I managed a late night run on the treadmill. The first 5k was terrible but for some reason I kept running until 6k. It was also nice to have a night with just her.


Wednesday: 30 min tempo run– Rest Day – Saï and I spent 9 hours doing car stuff and I was mentally and physically drained today. I felt  that sleep was more important after we ate dinner at 9 at night! At least Saï and I got a full day and night together – I might class this as a date 🙂

Thursday: 5k + strength – Just under 7k with the TTP running group. I went out way to fast (up hill) and kept the pace way to long. Slowed down after 3k and had a good pace after that. Made a group-running-rookie mistake of not turning on my Garmin in time and missed having the satellite catch. BUMMER .

Friday: Rest day – 6k Trail run with my running buddy Krystol. The girls and I were still visiting my family but I took a night to go home by myself {thanks Mom/Dad}. It was really great to run on a trail with Krystol as we usually only race together.

6k Trail run

Saturday: 5k @ pace –  8k with my Ironman friend/coworker. Good run but I made another rookie-mistake: I started my Garmin too late and missed the first 1.03km. This route happens to be the middle of the half marathon that I am running in October…rolling hills. Guess I’ll be training more and more on this route in the near future!

I wore my PRO Compression socks during this run as I wanted to test them out during the run and see how my legs do.

Sunday: 9k long runRest Day {because I am running/racing a 10k Monday since it’s a holiday here}

Total mileage for Week 2: 27 km

Total mileage for Training: 55 km

What I liked about this week:

  1. I’ve managed to do a lot of outdoor running vs my treadmill this week and I’m loving it. I’m also loving my new New Balance shoes, don’t worry Asics I haven’t forgotten about you.
  2. Running with friends and running groups is simply great and motivating.
  3. Despite losing my car and all that stress I managed a pretty awesome running week.
  4. Time with my girls, my husband, my family and great friends.

What I didn’t like about this week:

  1. Losing my car 😦

If you missed the first week and training plan, here you go: Week 1 and Half Marathon Training Plan

When you are completely mentally and physically drained, do you work out?

Outside or inside running this summer?

How do you react when life throws you an unexpected curve ball?