Half Marathon Training Week #3

Just like that week 3 of training for my 2nd half marathon is in the books! I looked at the calendar the other day and realised that October 12th really isn’t THAT far away. I mean, it almost feels like September around here…oh wait, this fall weather we are having in Nova Scotia could have something to do with it 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love the cooler weather but I would really like to have a few more weekends in the sun!

What was planned VS. What really happened last week:

Monday –  Stretch & strengthen10k Race A Shore Thing I had this race planned for a few weeks so it fit nicely with my training. Krystol, Lynn and I rocked out an awesome 10k (57:24 – 57:40ish).

PR A Shore Thing 10k

Tuesday6k –  Rest Day. My body just needed a rest after yesterday’s 10k and I felt it was well-earned. 

Wednesday30 minute tempo run at 5k pace –  5 terrible kilometers on the treadmill. I was all ready to head out for a run once we got the girls down and it slowly started to rain. I figured I’d still run in the rain but then heard thunder and decided to stay inside and on the treadmill…….bad decision. I had a terrible run.

Saï ran too…in the thunder and rain…but he rocked his run in this old school jacket 😉

PR Sai Anna Selfie

Thursday 5k + strengthRest Day. I took the night off. We decided to take Lilly out on her bike and had a lot of fun…except when she turned towards a large ditch, drove down into the ditch with gusto and then fell off her bike! After a hug from Daddy, she get back on her bike 🙂

PR Lilly Biking 2

Friday –  Rest or easy run – 6k Treadmill Finally had an awesome run on the treadmill in what seems like a month!

SaturdayRest10k Treadmill. I was kinda dreading this day and even thought about getting our babysitter over so I could run outside. I left it too long and didn’t ask her and just ran it on the treadmill. The first 3km sucked but they ALWAYS do and then I stopped looking at the kilometers/time and just ran. I watched one full show and 1/2 of another show on my little tablet. 

Sunday5k RaceYoga Meltdown DVD. I wasn’t really feeling the 5k race {nor did I have one to do} and figured the 10k long run I did Saturday was grounds for an easier day. I wanted to do a DVD workout and picked the Yoga Meltdown as I really need to start working on my strength and my upper weak body.


All in all, it was a pretty good week! I’m hoping to get a little hill workout in this week and am rethinking a babysitter for my long runs. It would be that much better doing the long runs outside then watching 2 shows on the treadmill to keep my mind occupied.

Total mileage for week #3: 31 km (or 19.26 miles)

Total mileage for training: 86 km (or 53.43 miles)

Let’s see what week #4 brings!

If you missed the first few weeks, check them out here–> Training Plan, Week 1 and Week 2 !

How was your weekend?

Anyone run? 

What’s the longest you’ve run on a treadmill ?


13 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #3

  1. It sounds like you had a great week! And Lilly is so brave. Good job getting back on that bike, girl! What do you think of that Yoga Meltdown DVD? I almost bought it the other day, but then ended up with Ripped in 30 instead. I need more stuff to do at home!

    • Salt – You’ll love it. I’ve only done 1 out of the 2 workouts but yoga is not my strength! Ripped in 30 is awesome – one of my favourites…let me know how you like it!

  2. I think my longest treadmill run was 9 miles, which I vowed never to do again. I have kept that promise 😉 Training looks great!

  3. Wait wait wait…what is this thing called ‘cooler weather’ that you speak of??? Haha, as for the dreadmill, I ran something like 32 miles one weekend when training for Dopey due to a rare Texas ice storm. Blegh.

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