Triathlon of life with two littles

No, I haven’t participated in a Triathlon but life sure makes it feel like we have 🙂 We’ve been busy this last week and I feel like we’ve done a mini triathlon with our girls. A little biking {Lilly} one evening, a trip to the Zoo (walking/running) one morning and the end of Lilly’s little soccer. Don’t worry, we’ve been running too 🙂

Biking Riding…. 

PR biking fun

The Zoo…..

PR Zoo

And our last soccer session 😦 

PR Soccer

 What have you been up to lately? 

What’s your life / family triathlon version?


6 thoughts on “Triathlon of life with two littles

  1. They are always keeping us on our toes aren’t they?? I’m crazy busy with one. I can only imagine how exhausting two little girls that want to go go go all the time would be! You are a super hero. 🙂

  2. haha, this is great. My Triathlon of life in high school was: Horses, School, volunteering. Then undergraduate years 1-2, it was Horses, school (architecture specifically), sorority. years 3-4 it was more a quadrathlon: Horses, School (Thesis and papers), Alex and friends, and being sick. Grad school was School, Alex, NYC, then School (thesis), Alex, and running. In Cville Alex, serving, fitness. In Chicago: Alex, work (trying to find it, then serving), blog/fitness. And now it is Alex, work/blog, running, and friends.
    Ok, that was a bit detailed, but I figured you could handle it 😀

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