What Do You Mean It’s NOT a Rest Day?

I’ve been trying hard to follow my half marathon training plan and feel like I’ve been doing a good job so far. I’m currently on week 4 and each week leading up to now I’ve moved the days/workouts around. This week I added a few more hills and my legs are feeling it.

My co-worker, Melissa and I have worked out early in the new year but work got too busy and we stopped our lunch time workouts. Wednesday morning I asked if she wanted to go for a run later in the week and she said sure! I wanted to see  what I was supposed to run for the rest of the week.

I pulled out my phone and looked at this……..


My first thought was “aww, crap, I don’t have a rest day until Friday” and then I frowned. Melissa laughed at me and said I looked so sad.

I desperately wanted Wednesday to be a rest day but no…rest day isn’t until FRIDAY 😦 All I could think about is how am I going to run another 6k and 5k before my rest day AND THEN  after that a LONG RUN 11k on the weekend!

Holy crap, what have I done!

But apparently, I’m really happy after running hills {early this week}:

PR Anna Run

Last night’s run treadmill run….

PR Run After

The life of a Mother Runner….treadmill running after the girls are in bed, baby monitor to listen to Hilary sing, talk and cry over and over again. Lilly was out in minutes. Hilary, not so much. I put her down at 7 and waited for her to go to sleep…and waited, and waited and waited! At 8 pm after cleaning up the house, I finally went into her room and cuddled with her, sang her a few more songs. She told me I was funny… “funny, funny mommy” and then I said good night, she replied with “ove ou, night night mama”. 

Rest day or run day? 

Happy or unhappy after a run/workout?

Parents – how long does it take your kids to fall asleep?