Half Marathon Training Week #5

Holy crap, I am exhausted! This working full-time, taking care of two girls full-time (with my husband away a lot) and training for a half marathon is starting to take a toll on me. Well, let’s be honest…I really shouldn’t stay up so late catching up on emails, Facebook and Instagram.

The one thing I did not account for when starting this training was how much sleep I need. Oh and deodorant, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner and FOOD! I’ve gone through my toiletries faster then I ever imagined and am rungry ALL.THE.TIME!

If you missed the first few weeks, here you go –> Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Training Plan. Last week I forgot to add up my totals, whoops! Week #4: Total mileage Week 4: 41km (25.47 miles) Total mileage Training: 127 km (78.91 miles)

Week #5 What was planned VS What really happened!

 Monday: Stretch and Strength NOTHING! I took a rest day. Actually, I went on a date with my husband 🙂

Tuesday: 6 km 7k Run (Treadmill) Fairly good run.

Wednesday: 7 x 400 @ 5k Pace5 x 4oo’s @ 5k pace CRAZY!!! Okay, 400’s are just crazy, I can’t even think about doing 800’s….ever! Never say never 🙂 You can read about my 400’s here 🙂

PR Track Workout

Thursday: 5k + Strength 6k and no strength workout. I ran during my lunch break and it was a route I haven’t done in months. I forgot how hilly it was and had to take it a little slower than normal. My legs were tired and my head wasn’t into it. I decided to run 6k instead of 5k – should have just stuck to the plan.

Friday: REST DAYREST DAY – sure knocked this one out of the park!

Saturday: 5k5k I was 100% not wanting to run today. I had a rough day with the girls and my patients were thin. I really wanted to get my long run in (13k) today but I physically and mentally just couldn’t pull it off. It was 8:40pm when I put on my running gear and another 10 minutes later when I jumped on the treadmill. Somehow I was in a terrible mood at the beginning and a completely different person after my run. I felt so much better, happier and more relaxed.

I posted this on Facebook:


Sunday: 13k13k. I was kinda dreading this run…why? Well, I didn’t really want to do it on the treadmill but it had to be done. So I put the girls to bed and jumped on the treadmill at 7:48 pm….Hilary was still up talking and singing but not crying. I hit the start button and got my little tablet all set up to watch “Blue”. I tried hard not to look at the time or mileage as I didn’t want to be disappointed with how far I had to go! 

Each time I did look at the mileage, I would say…I only have 10 more to go, 7 more to go, 3 more to go. The last 1.5km I managed to increase my speed and really push my legs/body.

Just like that I’m done week #5 … HAPPY 🙂


Five Weeks Done!

Today, I woke up feeling pretty good but my arms hurt. I thought that I must have really relied on them during my run but then remembered that I mowed the lawn and it was only my right arm that hurt (from pulling the cord). Guess I got my upper body covered by mowing the lawn 🙂

Total Mileage Week 5: 36 k (22.36 miles)

Total Mileage Training: 163 k (101.28 miles) since July 21st! 

Have you done any track work?

How much deodorant, shampoo/conditioner have you gone through when training?

When was the last time you DIDN’T want to workout but did it anyway?