Half Marathon Training Week #5

Holy crap, I am exhausted! This working full-time, taking care of two girls full-time (with my husband away a lot) and training for a half marathon is starting to take a toll on me. Well, let’s be honest…I really shouldn’t stay up so late catching up on emails, Facebook and Instagram.

The one thing I did not account for when starting this training was how much sleep I need. Oh and deodorant, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner and FOOD! I’ve gone through my toiletries faster then I ever imagined and am rungry ALL.THE.TIME!

If you missed the first few weeks, here you go –> Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Training Plan. Last week I forgot to add up my totals, whoops! Week #4: Total mileage Week 4: 41km (25.47 miles) Total mileage Training: 127 km (78.91 miles)

Week #5 What was planned VS What really happened!

Β Monday: Stretch and Strength NOTHING! I took a rest day. Actually, I went on a date with my husband πŸ™‚

Tuesday: 6 kmΒ 7k Run (Treadmill) Fairly good run.

Wednesday: 7 x 400 @ 5k Pace5 x 4oo’s @ 5k pace CRAZY!!! Okay, 400’s are just crazy, I can’t even think about doing 800’s….ever! Never say never πŸ™‚ You can read about my 400’s here πŸ™‚

PR Track Workout

Thursday: 5k + StrengthΒ 6k and no strength workout. I ran during my lunch break and it was a route I haven’t done in months. I forgot how hilly it was and had to take it a little slower than normal. My legs were tired and my head wasn’t into it. I decided to run 6k instead of 5k – should have just stuck to the plan.

Friday: REST DAYREST DAY – sure knocked this one out of the park!

Saturday: 5k5kΒ I was 100% not wanting to run today. I had a rough day with the girls and my patients were thin. I really wanted to get my long run in (13k) today but I physically and mentally just couldn’t pull it off. It was 8:40pm when I put on my running gear and another 10 minutes later when I jumped on the treadmill. Somehow I was in a terrible mood at the beginning and a completely different person after my run. I felt so much better, happier and more relaxed.

I posted this on Facebook:


Sunday: 13k13k.Β I was kinda dreading this run…why? Well, I didn’tΒ really want to do it on the treadmill but it had to be done. So I put the girls to bed and jumped on the treadmill at 7:48 pm….Hilary was still up talking and singing but not crying. I hit the start button and got my little tablet all set up to watch “Blue”. I tried hard not to look at the time or mileage as I didn’t want to be disappointed with how far I had to go!Β 

Each time I did look at the mileage, I would say…I only have 10 more to go, 7 more to go, 3 more to go. The last 1.5km I managed to increase my speed and really push my legs/body.

Just like that I’m done week #5 … HAPPY πŸ™‚


Five Weeks Done!

Today, I woke up feeling pretty good but my arms hurt. I thought that I must have really relied on them during my run but then remembered that I mowed the lawn and it was only my right arm that hurt (from pulling the cord). Guess I got my upper body covered by mowing the lawn πŸ™‚

Total Mileage Week 5: 36 k (22.36 miles)

Total Mileage Training: 163 k (101.28 miles) since July 21st!Β 

Have you done any track work?

How much deodorant, shampoo/conditioner have you gone through when training?

When was the last time you DIDN’T want to workout but did it anyway?

15 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #5

  1. Ugh to track work. My first track work ever was 800s and I have them to look forward to again tomorrow evening. I kinda know what I did wrong the first time, so I’m hoping they go a little better tomorrow.

    The last time I didn’t want to workout? This morning. But I got up anyway. I actually went to bed at a decent time so it wasn’t too much of a fight. I always have to remind myself of that quote: “I so regret that workout. Said no one ever.”

    • Good luck on your 800’s! Oh my, I don’t know if I could do 800’s at this point πŸ˜‰ Good for you to workout this morning – sometimes we just need to kick ourselves in our own butts to get moving πŸ™‚

  2. We sound like we are in such similar places right now with working husbands, crazy jobs, kids, and training (although you have one more kiddo to worry about!) You are doing so great though! My deodorant usage is definitely at an all time high. πŸ™‚

    Just did my first track workout last week and LOVED it! Just in time for the running group’s training season to be over. 😦

  3. Training looks great! 400’s are actually my favorite type of speed work, it’s the mile repeats that I can’t stand.

  4. Wowsers, way to go… I got in a whole 4.5/k in the last week with Casey gone… (Well OK this weekend the issue was the full night of drinking and playing cards that did me in). But I did do videos most days so it wasn’t all bad!

  5. Great week! You followed your schedule so closely!
    I know what you mean about not wanting to start a workout, and YES on deodorant. I feel like I am applying 3 times a day, and I also apply it pre-run to where my legs rub. I have about 4 different sticks on my dresser right now to change it up

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