Foam Rolling, Sleep and Sunshine

What do these all have in common? My run yesterday!

It all started Monday night. It was a “stretch and strengthen” day in my Half Marathon Training Plan but I decided to foam roll and just lay on the ground. What a painful thing to do to yourself…..but feels so good afterwards! This may be my new favourite thing, I’m not very good at it …..well, not very graceful but no one had to witness it.



I did however have a few laughs when I was rolling my upper back/shoulder area and my pony tail got caught in the roller and pulled my head back. #notgraceful Yes, very funny, I know!

I also went to bed early for the first time in weeks. Lately it’s been 11 or 11:30 before I turn out the light and the only person I have to blame is myself. Hilary’s been up once a night around 3am a lot lately …. that’s always a happy moment for me πŸ™‚ I’ve had a lot of my plate and trying to “fit it all in” I end up staying up way to late. Not Monday night. I was in bed before 10 pm and slept all night long….so did both girls #morningwin!

I kinda wanted to run Tuesday during my lunch break…kinda being the important word here! After I foam rolled I got all my running gear in my bag so I had no excuses in the morning. When I went to bed I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to run but when I woke up I was all over it. Why? Mainly because I wanted to go to bed before 10pm.

After a conference call with my colleagues, I got changed into my running gear and headed out for the planned 6k. It was some friggin’ hot out! Once again, I ran a hilly route on the sidewalk as I didn’t feel like running on the trail. I don’t know why but this route (the hills) get me every time…they are long…L-O-N-G inclines that then turn into a hills. Four of them!

I was quickly regretting running at lunch as it was super hot. When I got back to the office, I looked at the temperature and it was 28 C (82 F) but felt like 32 C (89 F) – HOT if you ask me. I guzzled my Vega Hydrator in seconds, ate lunch, then my second lunch and finally got back to work.

Ahhhhhh, 6k done outside … Happy Piper πŸ™‚

What time do you go to bed? Be honest!

Have you foam rolled before?Β 

Still hot or cooling off where you live?



17 thoughts on “Foam Rolling, Sleep and Sunshine

  1. Hahaha I always get pieces of clothing caught in my foam roller, so I totally hear you, I personally love my roller. I know a lot of people think that they are “necessary evils” but I am alllllll about it.

  2. When I’m on a regular schedule I try to get to bed by 10 latest. I function terribly when I’m sleep deprived so I try to stick to going to bed early. I’m sure that becomes a lot more difficult when you’re a parent.

  3. I usually go to sleep between 930 and 1030 or else I will be too grumpy the next day. It is finally cooling off where I live. Fall is in the air.

  4. In an ideal world I would be in bed around 10:30 but for some reason I am tired all day and then wired at that point so it is more like 11:00pm and even when I am super tired I lay there and have a million thoughts in my head. So annoying. I always regret it the next day but like I did as a kid I tell myself I will be better tonight and it never works. I guess I will never learn.

  5. If I could get myself organized I’d be in bed by 9PM. Reality is 9:30 or 10. I foam roll lots and have rolled my pony tail a few times – I never learn. My dog also stands on my hair when I’m rolling or stretching. She thinks it’s funny. It feels like autumn here in the mornings and at night (5 C brrr), but warms up to comfortable low 20’s during the day. I love these temperatures.

    • I love how dogs react when people foam roll, stretch etc…they just want to do it to or challenge you on it πŸ˜‰ We just finished a bit of a heat wave and now it’s really cool today…rainy too, it’s a nice little change.

  6. Nice job! I have a love hate relationship with foam rolling. Like how it makes me feel, hate doing it. I’ve been really bad about it lately. Need to get back in the habit!
    Yes, it’s still very hot here. And since it is so hot, I have to wake up before the sun to run. So I go to bed at a pretty decent hour.
    Keep up the good work!!

    • Yeah, it’s definitely a love/hate relationship. I don’t know how you people run so early but then again, if you want to not run in the heat I guess you have to run then! Good for you for getting all your runs in!

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