To The Women I Saw Trotting Up THAT Hill Yesterday

Thank you!

As I drove to work I noticed you on the sidewalk running.

I don’t know if you are a long time runner or newbie.

I don’t know if you are training for a big event or just out to be active and doing something for yourself.

I do know that I wanted to beep my horn at you but thought you might think some creepy lady was beeping her horn at you for no good reason.

I do know I wanted to roll down my window and say “Good Job” and give you a thumbs up! But I didn’t –> random lady giving thumbs up…ahhh creepy!

Fast forward to my lunch break – I had a 7k awaiting me.

I procrastinated just like I’ve done with some projects at work {dang} but managed to get my running gear on and headed out.

It was hot yet again.

I forgot my Flipbelt so I had to carry my phone in my hand – not cool. I may have pocket dial a good handful of people – sorry about that friends 😉

I ran my normal route and hoped that the hills would treat me well today.

I managed to run 3.5k and hit the half way mark of my run feeling strong on the hills.

Then I turned around.

I saw “that hill”.


That hill you were trotting up and I was tired, hot and mentally not into my run anymore. I was questioning why I would even think about fitting in a 7k run during my lunch break. I even thought I’m not even half way through my half marathon training and this sucks.

I wasn’t loving my run.

Then I thought about you….you trotting up that hill. I don’t know if what I saw was you trotting or running but you sure were not walking up that hill.

It gave me some motivation. I just had to keep one foot in front of the other and I’d make it up “that hill”. That long, long, long incline.

You motivated me to finish that hill and the next one, then I slowly finish my 7k.

So, to the lady who I saw running up that hill yesterday on my drive to work – Thank you. Who knew seeing you running hours before I would help motivated me to finish my run.

Cheers, Piper

8 thoughts on “To The Women I Saw Trotting Up THAT Hill Yesterday

  1. I completely agree, other people can be so motivating. I was running earlier this week and I passed some man who was also out running. We got to this point where the was an enormous hill. I mean so enormous that it goes for like 2 miles. But I knew that he was somewhere behind me so I didn’t want to stop and walk and let him pass me. I have never run up that hill so fast before!

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