I Admit, I’m Not Tapering….

….And I’m freaking out about it now! I know what tapering is, I know what it looks like and I’ll be honest, I’ve never done it. For my first half marathon, which I ran 8 years ago {yikes} I only remember running 19k as my longest run. I followed a training plan but I couldn’t tell you what it was or how often I stuck to it.

Anyway…..I’m more focused this time around and enjoying it. I’ve had some bad weeks and some amazing weeks but my training plan doesn’t have me tapering. That freaks me out… A LOT!



Unless you’re a newbie to my blog, you can’t miss it. I’ve been blogging non-stop about my half marathon training for 10 friggin’ weeks. I’ve been following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate training plan pretty religiously with a few misses here and there.

Why I am freaking out? Well, you see….I’ve had people commenting {which I LOVE} in various forms of social media attached to this blog. They have been commenting “you must be getting close to tapering”, it’s taper time, you are NOT tapering, you have to taper!!!! That’s what’s freaking me out.

I really want to follow my plan which has me running 19k this weekend as my long run. My half is the weekend after that.

The focus is on the last two (unchecked) weeks:

Last Two Weeks

Last Two Weeks

Week #12 kinda looks like a taper…right?

I’ve probably gone into overkill about it with my husband. Sorry about that one, Sai. I’ve even asked my running buddy/coach and she gave me some good advice: change-up the long run to mid-week so you have more recovery time. She also told me that I have a good base under my belt, to rest and even gave me a new 2 week out training plan to follow.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to break any world records during this half. Heck, I won’t place top 10, 20 or 30 in this half marathon. I will however, be running at a different pace then my first half eight years ago with a lot of mileage under my belt.

Hal – I almost wrote you yesterday to ask you what I should do!

Okay, let’s be honest Piper….I wrote Hal a Facebook message. I did, I did! Is that even a proper thing to do; Facebook Hal Higdon because you don’t know if you should taper. Oh man…what have I done! It will be even better if he replies!

Then, Hal posted this on Facebook….

TIP OF THE DAY: An important part of every runner’s training is rest. Running a short distance at a slow period would qualify as rest. A day where you cross-trained by swimming or cycling also might qualify as rest. But sometimes active rest is not enough; you need to take a day off when you do not run, or do much of anything. Although I promote consistency as critical to success, there are times when you simply have to kick back and do nothing. And I mean nothing! Take a week off. Take a couple of weeks off. Yes, you will lose some fitness, but you will more than make up for it if you return to training refreshed and ready to run hard again. Rest is often best.

So, do I just rest for the next two weeks? Ha ha, kidding, I won’t do that 😉 I am going to enjoy my rest days in the following two weeks. However, I’m no closer in decided if I will do my 19k long run this weekend or pretend I am tapering and just run for the fun of it.


I still can’t believe I just messaged him on Facebook…….oh my!

Do you ALWAYS taper ?

Do you stick to your training plan 2 weeks out ?

Should I just run the 19k this weekend and go with it?

Give me some advice, please and thank you 🙂

So glad I didn’t schedule this post….he wrote back. Well, someone wrote back – update tomorrow 🙂

Half Marathon Training Week #10 Done!

Ten out of twelve weeks DONE! Week ten I think was by far my worst week to date! I came down with a head cold, hurt my back {reoccurring injury} and was just not into training during any of that. It went a little something like this….

What was Planned VS What Really Happened:

Monday: Strengthen and StretchYoga at work 🙂 I was at a 2 day Provincial Summit and took advantage of the “physical activity” break. I felt SO great after the one hour yoga session….like a new person. That’s what I love about yoga, it makes you feel so much better.


Rocking the heels and yoga pants! Hawt!

Tuesday: 8k – Unplanned Rest Day a.k.a – full of a head cold Day 1 😦

Wednesday: 45 minute tempo run – 6k on the treadmill. I was hoping to just get a little run in. I didn’t think I was that sick and wanted to “run it off”. It was a good run and I felt great afterwards.

Speed work is suffering – dang.

Thursday: 5k + Strength workout4k on the treadmill. You know that saying “I regret that run, said no one ever?” Well, I completely regretted doing that run. I wanted to run 5-6k just to get it in but my mind and body wasn’t into it. At 3.99k I decided enough was enough and when it turned 4k…off went the treadmill. 

regret run

Friday: Rest DayRest Day. Yeah, I didn’t regret this rest day….not at all! 

Saturday: 8kUnplanned rest day. We spent the day at the Farmer’s market, a 2-year-old birthday party and then I just decided that running 8k the night before a long run wasn’t a good idea for me, especially since I still had my head cold (Day 5). So, I skipped my run and hung out with my hubby 🙂

{Let’s be honest….at this point I was dreading my long run, thankful I could run with Krystol and hoping to just get the kilometers in}.

Sunday: 18k18k I managed to get up at 6am and Krystol met me at my house just before 7am. We got geared up and off we went. I wasn’t sure how this run was going to go as both Krystol and I weren’t in top form. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising as we ran out 9k and then turned around. The hills killed me on the way back and I had to take a short walking break. My legs felt super heavy….like dead weights until I started running again.

How Much Gear Does One Need For A Long Run?

How Much Gear Does One Need For A Long Run?

After the run, I did my post-long run stretching/yoga with Lilly and Hilary. It’s so cute watching them “do” yoga with me and entertaining for my husband too. Laughs all around!

THEN……we went to a little Farm Market/Farm (ducks, goats, bunnies) and went for a little hike!

Hennigar's Hike

Hennigar’s Hike

Total mileage for week #10: 28km

Total mileage for training: 337km (since July 21st)

Again, this was a rough week and my running took a back seat. I really wanted to get more runs accomplished but my head cold and life got in the way. And that’s okay….at least, that is what I’ve been trying to tell myself.

The other day, someone asked me if I was excited for my run and I said no! I’ve been pretty pumped up until last week when I seriously thought running a half marathon might not be the best idea. WOW, eh! This dang head cold got the best of me.

After getting my long run done yesterday, my attitude has changed towards my half and I’m getting excited again. Well, let’s be honest, I’m getting nervous and looking forward to the run.

Happy Running!

How was your weekend?

Enjoying the fall colours where you live?

Ever have a bad running week get you down?

Yoga, AMRAP Winners and a Missed Run

You know what? When I practice yoga every so often I am reminded of how good it makes your body and mind feel. Monday I had the opportunity to take an hour yoga class after sitting in a Provincial meeting/summit. I had brought my Pro Compression sleeves with me as I was going to wear them under my pants to help my tired little legs recover but felt pretty good and decided I didn’t need them. {Always good to have on hand these days}



I felt SO good after that yoga session. My tired legs, sore back and exhausted body was in need of a good stretch and just some quiet time to decompress from an awesome day at work. I left the yoga session in my heals and yoga pants. I know…. HOT! Or HAWT as some of you day 😉 Don’t mind the sweater, it was cold in there.



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I missed my run last night 😦 It was supposed to be 8k but I’ve come down with a nasty head cold….it was bound to happen and I knew it was coming. I’m hoping to get a short and easy run in tonight on the treadmill. Confession time: We now have Netflix and I’m hooked on Pretty Little Liars. Oh how my treadmill runs have change 🙂

Yoga – yes or no? I really don’t know why I don’t practice yoga more often.

Best cure for a cold is…………?

What TV show are you looking forward to the most this fall?

Half Marathon Training Week #9 Done!

I’m getting tired of running! There, I said it. My body is T-I-R-E-D and I’m just exhausted. Ahhhhhh, reality of half marathon training. It’s made me think about when I want to do this sort of training again. It’s also made me think a little more about FULL Marathon training….not any time soon is my recent conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE running. It’s my drug of choice but I’m just physically tired between training 35-45k a week, working full-time, being a mom and wife and house stuff. I’m pooped!

running is my drug

What was planned VS What Happened:

Monday: Stretch & StrengthenNothing – this is starting to be my Monday theme. Not great!

Tuesday: 8k – 8k outside. It was a great run outside in cool weather but when the sun when down I was a little concerned that my arm reflectors wouldn’t quite be enough. Next time I’m wearing a vest.

Wednesday: 45 min tempo runUnplanned Rest Day. I was exhausted and in bed at 9:31pm.

Thursday: 5k + Strength5k _ Strength. I did a combination workout of run 1k then 40 jumping jacks, 30 sit ups, 20 crunches, 10 push ups x5. I though it was going to be a wimpy workout, turns out it wasn’t. 

Friday: Rest or Easy RunEasy 5k Run on the treadmillI really just ran it to shake out my legs as they were sore from all those squats.

Saturday: Rest DayRest Day. At this point in the week I was feeling exhausted. I felt like I had growing pains …. you know when you are a kid and your legs hurt. Yeah, that’s how I felt. I decided to embrace my rest day.

Sunday – 17k18k Long Run 🙂 Oh dear, I was kind of dreading this day but also wanting to see what I could do pace wise. It was hard getting up so early to run (funny, it was hard compared to getting up early with kids)….anyway, it was an awesome run

7 am run sept 21 2014

Total mileage for Week #9: 36km

Total mileage for training: 309km  (since July 21st)

Week #8’s recap here…..just in case you missed it 😉

What am I looking forward to the most week #10:  My long run. Then, just being able to accomplish any of my runs this week as I’m on the road for most of the week.

Are you training? How’s it going? 

How many days a week do you run/workout?

Ever feel like you are having growing pains in your legs?


I Finally Pulled It All Together and Had A Great Run

It was about time! I was starting to get worried after hitting my snooze button too many times and forgetting my sports bra that I wouldn’t be able to pull it all together. I took a rest day Saturday and boy did my legs need it!

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Sunday morning I woke up really early and was out running by 7 am. It was Sunday Runday for me 🙂 17k awaited me and the plan was to run towards work and back (It’s just around 10 one way).

I woke up at 6:15 am, checked Facebook/IG etc., got dressed, ate breakfast and went outside to fire up my Green Garmin {yes, in that order}. It was also the first day I was wearing my Nathan “Trail Mix” Hydration Pack….after all, I was running 17k.

I laced up my sneeks and shook out my hands (for some odd reason) and off I went. Slow, real slow. Just enough to get my legs moving and feel like I was running. I still can’t believe I got up that early to do my long run. The sun was just starting to rise and there was barely any cars on the road. I ran along the sidewalk for most of the run.

7 am run sept 21 2014

I took my first GU (Tri-Berry) at 42 minutes in with a little Vega electrolyte drink and kept running. At the half way point I decided to stretch out my legs and then got back at it. The sun was beautiful and the temperature was starting to increase. I had to take a photo as it was really quite beautiful but I kinda just look angry (that’s just me looking into the sun).

Around 12 km my legs were getting tired but my mind wasn’t so that was good! As I ran by a Paramedic base, I took my next GU (chocolate) at around 13k with water and for some reason had a hard time getting this one down, even though it was one of my favourites.

I increased my speed when I could and paced myself on the long inclines and hills as needed. My legs started to come around and I was feeling really good. I really wanted to run 18k even though my training plan only called for 17k.

As I got close to home I managed to finished of the last km really strong and faster than any other kilometer.

long run sept 21

Sunday Runday 19k done

I couldn’t have asked for a better run; perfect temperature, the new hydration pack was awesome and my pace was exactly where I wanted it to be overall.

When I got back home the girls and Sai were hanging out. Hilary came running up to me so I quickly picked her up. Then after realising I was completely sweaty, she gave me the ugliest face ever and I put her down. “Mommy swea-ty”. Yes, dear, Mommy was sweaty. We then did some yoga and stretches together – so cute watching them do pigeon pose.

Anyone run or race this weekend?

Hydration pack on long runs or not?

What’s the earliest you’ve started your morning run?

And THEN I Forgot My Sports Bra!

After yesterday’s little extra snooze session, I thought I was getting back on track. I even packed my bag the night before so I could run during my lunch break – you know, a “runch”. Win – win for everyone, right!?!?!?

I spent the morning hydrating and eating food at the right time so that I could run and THEN eat my lunch. As I opened my bag and starting pulling out my running sneakers and clothing, I KNEW I had made a mistake.

I forgot my sports bra! Frig! (And that’s not really what I said but it started with the letter F, so you get the point).

Well, sh*t, I forgot my sports bra…worst thing I could forget…besides my running shoes.

Option #1: Run in normal bra and not wear a bra for the rest of the afternoon.

Option #2: Run in normal bra and wear a sweaty bra all afternoon.

Option #3: Run without a sports bra.

After 5 minutes of contemplating each option, I decided NO to all options. I just couldn’t do it. What a fail…I was so pumped up about the run.

I managed to get my run in and more later that night. But, really, I just wanted to hang out with my husband since he was home. After we got the girls to bed, I hopped on the treadmill. My run went a little like this:

Run 1k, 40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 squats, 10 push ups and then repeated this 5 times. 

After the first round I kinda thought it was going to be a weak workout. Then around 1/2 way I decided I should add some weights to the squats…yeah bad idea. As each kilometer started I would increase my speed and incline and my little legs where just pumping during that last kilometer!

I got off the treadmill and got ready for my last set of jumping jacks, crunches, squats and push- ups….man this round was WEAK!!

BUT…at least I had my sports bra on 🙂

Ever forget that essential piece of gear for a run or workout?

What have you forgotten in the past?

What run / workout combo do you like to do?

I Hit The Snooze Button 5 Times This Morning!

Last night I was supposed to run 9 x 400 @ 5k pace and after a long day in and out of work, I sat down after eating dinner and thought about the run I had ahead of me.

I was exhausted. My eyes were tired and my body wasn’t into any form of movement. I had a conversation with my husband and he said to do what you want to do. Run if you want to or take a day off. I honestly had to really think about this one.

So I ate three double stuff vanilla Oreo’s. The were delicious but so, SO bad for you.


Then I walked into our bedroom and saw the two piles of laundry that needed to be folded as I had another load in the washer.

Guess which option won?

I decided to fold the laundry, relax a bit with Sai and go to bed early. Lights out and under the covers at 9:31 pm is a record time for me lately but my body needed it. I am starting to feel like a cold is coming on 😦

I slept for 8 hours straight…didn’t wake up once until 5:33 am when I heard Hilary crying. A little cuddle and rock in the chair got her back to sleep and me back to bed until 6:25 am.

I then hit the snooze button 5 times. Umm…really, 5 times? Yup, 5 times! Good decision or bad decision, but that decision alone had me running behind for the rest of the morning. Meh….. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and arrive 5 minutes late to work.

I did however, pack my running bag so I can run at lunch 🙂 I guess I set my priorities last night for today.



I gotta find my motivation again but sure happy I got the dang laundry folded and a full night’s sleep.

How often do you hit the snooze button?

Don’t forget to enter my AMRAP GIVEAWAY. ?

Do you love/hate Oreo’s?