August Mileage…I Finally Did It!!!

So you are probably wondering what I did? Well…keep reading.

As you know I’ve been training for my second half marathon coming up in October. The Valley Harvest Marathon which is about 15 minutes from my house 🙂 AND, the event is on {the Canadian} Thanksgiving Weekend. #doublewin 

I’ve been training A LOT. A lot for me; someone who works full-time, has two little girls and who’s husband is away a fair amount. I run a lot on the treadmill which I know people hate but I am beyond thankful I have it. I wouldn’t be where I am with my running if I didn’t have a treadmill – that’s the truth! I sometimes run on my lunch break {runch}. Somehow, I get it done.

Last week I was talking to my husband and mentioned my total mileage for the month and what I still had to run for the last week of August. Note: I work in kilometers. He then said to me “if you only run another 3-5 km you’ll hit 100 miles for the month” (160 km). Thanks Saï 😉

I’ve never hit 100 miles before…and actually never thought I would. I’d always see friends and bloggers saying “another 100 mile month but I never thought I could do it.

Well folks, I did it. I’ve run 160 kilometers OR 100 miles this August!

Last 14k for August (long run)

Last 14k for August (long run)

Have you hit 100 miles (160km) in one month?

What’s the highest you’ve run (miles or kilometers)?

Happy September!



17 thoughts on “August Mileage…I Finally Did It!!!

  1. That’s awesome! I’m sure I have’ve never hit 100 miles for a month and probably won’t ever unless I decide to train for a marathon or something. Kudos to you, you’ve been working very hard 🙂

    • Thanks, the funny thing is, is that I wouldn’t have even known if my husband didnt point it out. Kinda happy that he did because I would probably been mad I didnt see it until after I finished my training last week.

  2. Congratulations! That is a real milestone for sure. The highest month I ever had was 165 miles in July of this year – almost all on the treadmill. I’ve never come anywhere close to that number before.

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