Half Marathon Training Week #6

I’m half way done my training! Week number six was a challenging one; from hating my runs, to questioning why I am even training for a half marathon again to an amazing long run.

What was planned vs What really happened:

Monday: Stretch and Strengthen – Foam Rolled …you can read about those fun times here.



Tuesday: 6k – 6k outside

Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run – 8k Treadmill. 

Thursday: 5k +Strength –  7k run at lunch. The first 3.5 km were great and then I turned around and struggled the whole way back. However, a stranger help motivate me.


Friday: Easy 5k or Rest Day5k Treadmill. It felt quick and fast.

Saturday: Rest DayLong Run: 14k – It was awesome! I wanted to take it slow and steady but went out a little fast. The first part of my run was fairly hilly and the second half was flat on a trail. I then finished it off with a few small hills with a fantastic time. I even felt like I had some juice left in the tank!

Last 14k for August (long run)

Last 14k for August (long run)

These last 14 km helped me round off my 160 km or 100 mile month! 🙂

Sunday: Long Run 14k  – Rest Day (Traveled to PEI with the girls for a family vacation).


Long run, half way point…gu time!

Total mileage Week #6: 40 kilometers

Total mileage in Training: 203 km  (Since July 21st)

I still can’t believe that I ran 160 km or 100 miles in August!

Ever want to give up during your training?

Has a stranger ever motivated you to run?

10 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #6

  1. It looks like you kicked butt on what was planned and then what you actually did! Good on you. I have totally wanted to give up but then I think about crossing the finish line and how every run, whether is bad or good makes me more prepared for race day.

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