A Rough Long Run

Oh dear…..that long run was rough!

This morning after I dropped the girls off at day care I drove and met my running partner, Krystol. We had planned to run 15-16k along some of the route we’ll be running at the Valley Harvest Half Marathon in October. I’ve only run 8k of this route before with a friend and wanted to get out a few more times on it.

Happy before our 16k run

Happy before our 16k run

It’s hilly. Big hills, little hills and LONG-for-what-seem-like-eternity-inclines that get you. Well…they sure got me today.

We met around 8:30 and were good to go. Some of the hills slowed us down but we kept going until the 8k mark. We both took our GU’s. I had salted caramel…not too bad. I should have picked an apple behind me to eat it with…it would have made an awesome combo!

Time for GU's and all my gear in my car.

Time for GU’s and all my gear in my car.

Once we started running again we both had super wobbly legs. I mentioned it to Krystol because I was actually concerned I might fall over….they have never felt like that before. Guess we stopped too long. {note to self: on race day eat your GU while you run}.

I was having a hard time with this run and needing to walk A LOT more than I ever have. It was starting to get really hot and humid and my body wasn’t too happy. We kept going, walking when needing to and pushing up the hills as we could.

Though my training plan had me only running a 15k long run this weekend, I really wanted to do 16k. What’s one more kilometer, right? The reason is, we are both racing next weekend at the Maritime Race Weekend – Tartan Twosome. We have a sunset 5k Friday night and a sunrise 10k. I’m not sure if I am going to tag on another 6k after the 10k or not or just run 16k the next day. {Any suggestions runners}

PR Boob Sweat

We finished the run, stretched and took some after photos. I had some major boob sweat which brought me back to when I was breastfeeding the girls. Unattractive yes, did I care, heck no! We went into the local farmers market and bought plumbs, corn on the cob and some local bacon – yum!

Oh and some fun bloopers of us trying to take a selfie before we ran…the sun was a little bright. Fun times!

PR Selfie Attempt

And since the girls are in day care today {I’m still on vacation}, I managed to get groceries; eat a meal slowly and am about to fold laundry. I can’t believe I am that excited about doing laundry on my own.

Let the weekend begin!

Anyone running today/this weekend?

Ever have boob sweat like this? 

Favourite GU or similar product?


7 thoughts on “A Rough Long Run

  1. 32k on the books for Sunday!! As for if you should tack the 6k on after the 10k next week or not run at all.. really depends, are you doing race pace for the 10k or just going out for fun? If you’re doing race pace, I’d just skip the 16 on Sunady 🙂 I”m doing race pace for the half next weekend at MRW and not adding on my extra 3k ( rebel I know lol) And if you need the caffeine like I often do, try the GU Espresso… gives me a little more pep in my step for the long runs 🙂

  2. Like with anything else, some days are better than others. When I have a rough run, I can sometimes trace it back to improper diet or a lack of sleep the day before, but other times it just seems to be little more than a bad day. When that happens, I just listen to my body and run slower, do fewer kms, or just walk more than I’d planned.

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