August is long gone.

And just like that my vacation comes to an end and I am faced with the reality that it’s September. I don’t think I’ve even looked at the calendar this month…but I could tell you the date of my next race (12th & 13th) and the day my husband will be home 🙂

My August goals went a little like this:

  1. Run 10k with friends at “A Shore Thing” Run {Recap here} Done.
  2. Train for 1/2 Marathon. – YES. Week #6 recap here.
  3. Finish the book I started. Done IMG_20140702_211442_edit
  4. Book another vacation since mine was high jacked by my car. Done.
  5. Think about updating the blog {again}. Haha, I thought about it when I wrote this goal down and that was it!
  6. Clean my house. – Kinda….but not really.
  7. Relax more on my rest days. Seriously, this one’s going to be hard. Kinda. It’s hard to relax with two little ones.
  8. Take the girls to the beach and zoo at least once. – Zoo Yes, Beach No … Lake and Pool, Yes. Still a win!PR Zoo
  9. 30 Day Yoga Sun Salutation Challenge – complete. Did not complete, barely started!
  10. Hike Cape Split with my husband *or in September* – Confirmed with Saï that we want to do this, now we just have to find time when he is home and we can get a babysitter for a full day!

My September Goals:

  • Train for Half Marathon – in progress.
  • Run Tartan Twosome (Sept 12th – 5k and Sept 13th -10k) part of Maritime Race Weekend. Lots of pirates and booty (swag)…I’ve seriously never seen so much swag with a race! (Two t-shirts, a buff, 3 medals and prizes galore!).
  • Sign Lilly up for a class (dance, gymnastics or something where she can be active and have fun with friends)
  • Vacation in PEI – Done. Well that one was easy. Accomplished in the first week 🙂PR Summer vacation
  • Add in some strengthening workouts to my running. (Ankles and arms – odd combo, I know)
  • Apple picking….it’s that time of year again.
  • Cook some food from my Oh She Glow’s Cookbook.

Do you have any September goals?

How many fall races have you signed up for?

What’s your favourite fall recipe to make?

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