Half Marathon Training Week #7 DONE!

I kinda can’t believe that I’ve just finished week #7 of this Half Marathon Training Plan. It can consume your life in good and bad ways 😉

Last week, we were on vacation in PEI (Prince Edward Island), it’s a 5 hour road trip for the girls and I with usually one stop. Luckily we were in Halifax already for a wedding so that cut it down to 4 hours. Let’s just say driving in a car with two little girls isn’t always fun when you are on your own. However, going to a wedding once you arrive at your destination with two little girls and your husband is awesome!

PR Wedding fun Citadel Hill

What was planned vs. What really happened:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen – Ran 5k on the hotel treadmill. It was a massive treadmill and hard on the legs. I went after we got the girls down to bed sometime around 8:40 and managed to get 5k done before calling it quits. #motivated

We also swam in the pool with the girls…I did a few laps that confirmed I should never do a triathlon. #neversaynever


Massive Beast of a Hotel Treadmill

Tuesday: 7k-  Nothing 😦 Saï had to work all day so it was 2 against 1 with the girls in a hotel. We did venture out, tried to swim again but the pool got closed down. I decided not to run when Saï came back to the hotel that evening. #unmotivated 

Wednesday: 8 x 400 @ 5k PaceNothing. Was starting to feel a cold coming on and decided early to bed was key.

Thursday: 5k + Strength6k. We left PEI and drove home, 5 hours in the car with the girls with one stop. They did really well in the car…as did I, ha ha. That evening I ran 6k on our treadmill and I have to admit it was like heaven running “my beast” of a treadmill.

This is when I change it up a bit….

Friday: Rest Day – Long run day – 16k. The girls went to daycare and I thought it would be better to run outside than inside on the treadmill, so I took advantage of them being in day care. I ran it with my running buddy, Krystol and I struggled the whole time! It was a rough 16k!

Happy before our 16k run

Happy before our 16k run

Saturday: 7kRest day and foam rolled.  I woke up feeling like crap with a head cold coming on. Physically I felt pretty good, only sore on one thigh and my ankle’s weren’t too happy with me. However, I was exhausted and I believe dehydrated. Since I felt like the head cold was going to blow up, I took a rest day and foam rolled. Oh man, my legs loved me after that foam rolling session!

Sunday: 15k long run – 7k on the treadmill. The first kilometer was brutal, had me second guessing my training up to this point. Afer that it was a fantastic run and I even managed to increase my speed and incline significantly, then ended the run dripping in sweat.  Prefect run!

Total mileage this week: 35 km

Total mileage training: 238 km (Since July 21st)

At this point, I want to reevaluate my training. Well, really…I want to get a little more focused after a not so great week. I’m feeling good with my training and even my bad runs. You sure need those bad runs to make the good runs look ah-may-zing! So for the next 5 weeks (yup, that’s all I have left) I am going to run those hills that I don’t enjoy, focus on my speed work a little more and get more serious about strengthen training.

AND……I just found out the new cycling shop that opened up outside our office doors has GU! Oh, dear lord…I am ready for my long runs now 🙂

Are you training for a run? If so, how’s it going?

Do you use a hotel treadmill when on vacation?


13 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #7 DONE!

  1. GU SHOPPING SPREE BUYALLTHEGOO! I definitely use hotel treadmills, but I prefer to get out and run wherever I am. But that said, circumstances arise! Great training, even if it wasn’t your favoritest, bestest week. Hills are the hardest terrain to learn to love, but goodness, will they help.

    • Ha ha…now that I know they have GU, I feel like I’m set for life! Though…we don’t have salted watermelon in Canada yet…but heard a rumor it’s coming soon 😉 Tonight I tackle the hills!

    • I don’t feel like I was flexible last week…but more trying to cram it all in and get it done! I guess, I need to be flexible as my schedule is always changing with my husband home/gone, work and the girls! Hope you are well.

  2. I have a race on Thanksgiving – is that when your race is too? I have good days and bad days and now mostly cold days. I’m mostly paranoid about getting injured.

    • Yes, Thanksgiving weekend – Oct 12th for me 🙂 I am paranoid about getting injured too..I was supposed to start playing soccer the week before my half and decided to wait until after my half marathon.

  3. I just got back from my first real holiday since I started running. I didn’t use any treadmills but I did get out and run before breakfast in most of the towns and cities we visited. I logged onto my strava app the night before and looked for segments which I figured was a good way to find “safe” routes to run – if other runners run them and bother to log them as segments. 🙂 I had a blast and saw more of the towns than the other people in our travel group. Only freaked out once or twice – and that just made me run faster.

    • I wanted to run outside on my vacation but it was too dark by the time we got the girls to bed to run in a place I was unfamiliar with. Nothing like being freaked out to make you run a little faster. Good for you!

  4. Nice work! Keep at it! I wish we were 5 hours from PEI, never been but heard it’s awesome. I have used hotel treadmills, but I prefer to run outdoors…just ask the concierge for routes!

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