PR’s, PB’s and PB and J … Let’s Break it Down.

Acronyms are fun. However, in the running world it can get a bit confusing. PR – Personal Record; PB – Personal Best; PB & J – oh wait…that’s Peanut Butter & Jam….nothing to do with running….well, maybe a post run snack!

I’ve had a lot of Personal Bests’ this past year in 5k and 10k runs…during training and in races too. My most recent 5k PB was last night. I was actually dreading the run, kinda trying to avoid it even though as soon as I got home I put on my running gear. That’s right, I cooked and ate dinner in my running gear and then put the girls to bed. Saï is home so I knew I was able to get outside for a run – bonus!

I laced up and after a conversation with my neighbour and I headed out for 7k. I was running fast! I was running strong. I was running tall. I just felt really great on my run so I kept an eye on my time. I knew I would be close to a PB so I pushed each kilometer.


September 9th New 5k PB

According to my Garmin, I got a 14 second PB for 5k. The sixth kilometer was much slower but I managed to run fast durning the last kilometer. It was a perfect evening run!

Six weeks ago….

New 5k Personal Best

6 weeks ago

I’ve come a long way with my running this past year and I’m pretty proud of that.

April 27th


April 10th

New PB Anna

April 4th

NEW PB!!!!

NEW PB!!!!

Last October 2013 – Valley Harvest 5k

mileage at VHM 2013

From 32:15 last October at the Valley Harvest Marathon to 27:30 on an evening training run, I’ve cut my 5k down almost 5 minutes!

Running Acronyms: 

PR – Personal Record (best time in a race of a certain distance)

PB – Personal Best (best time for a certain distance)

TM – Treadmill (me, I refer to mine as TB – The Beast)

C25K – Couch to 5K

GF – Garmin Forerunner

RHR – Resting Heart Rate

HRM- Heart Rate Monitor

LDS – Long Distance Run

LSD – Long SLOW Distance Run

LR – Long Run

DNF – Did not finish (not a popular one with runners)

DNS – Did Not Start (again, not a favourable one among runners)

DNQ – Did No Qualify (I don’t qualify for anything so I’ve never experience this one before…ha ha ha).

RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (No running wants to have to use this acronym)

PW – Personal Worst – cause it happens!

 Do you use Personal Record or Personal Best? What’s the diff ?

What are some other acronyms you use? Do share 🙂