Half Marathon Training Week #8 ALL DONE!

Ummmm, so I finished week #8 of my half Marathon training on the weekend and now only have four more weeks to go! I had such a ride this past weekend at Maritime Race Weekend, I think I’m still high from it all. Last week’s training went a little like this:

What was planned VS What happened

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen – 20 Squats. I was completely unmotivated to do anything, so I did 10 really good squats. And then after 5 minutes of nothing, did another 10 really good squats and called it a day! #trainingfail

Tuesday: 7k run –  7k outside with a 5k PB of 27:30 Had an amazing 7k run and the first 5k managed a new PB. I felt great.

when you legs can't run anymore

Wednesday:40 minute tempo run –  7k outside. A little slower than Tuesday’s run but I ran the same route and loved it. I’m really not good at tempo runs but Tuesday nights run could have been considered a tempo run.

Thursday: 5k + strength – Rest Day. Packed our bags for the weekend, cleaned the house and hung out with my husband.

Friday: Rest Day  5k Tartan Twosome 5k NEW PB 27:05 <–Read about it here.

Saturday: 8k –  10k Tartan Twosome, PB 55:58 plus 6k (36:22) for a total of 1 hour 32 minutes (16k). <–Read about it here.


Sunday: 16k long run –  Rest Day (moved 15 wheelbarrows full of mulch from my neighbour’s house on a hill to our backyard).

Total mileage this week: 35 km

Total mileage training: 273 km (Since July 21st)



Week #8 was 100% different and better than week #7…it’s amazing how your training can change from week to week! I felt comfortable and confident with my running.

Four more weeks to go of training and then my half marathon. I also signed up for another race…HA! The 5k BLT run in Timberlea with the Timberlea Tundra Pounders Running Group (October 25th).

Anyone training? How’s it going?

Tell me something that has nothing to do with running?

Are you loving the Fall weather where you live?

Check back tomorrow for 1 of 2 Giveaways open to US & Canadians 🙂

20 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week #8 ALL DONE!

  1. after a two week hiatus I’m back! my foot feels better and I’m ready to run…

    while I don’t LOVE the cooler weather… I’m loving training in the cooler weather! I also love all of the local craft fairs!

    Unrelated to running news…. I have officially started planning Ella’s 2nd birthday party… I can’t wait! We are doing a Halloween themed party this year and it’s going to be soooo much fun!

    • Nothing like a good rest to feel better 🙂
      I love running in the cooler weather too but not loving it when I wake up in the morning…brrr!

      Yeah for 2nd birthdays! I actually just started to think about our almost 2 year old (early Dec) birthday this morning! Halloween themed party sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

  2. Awesome work! I usually hate when summer ends and fall begins even though I think it is a beautiful season. Despite a serious lack of summer this year I am kind of enjoying the change in the air and my surroundings. Looking forward to the marathon in a few weeks certainly helps!

  3. Let me get this straight: out of 5 runs last week, 3 were personal bests? Yeah, that’s super hero level awesomeness! There’s no other way to describe it.

    And something non-running related: I’m having tacos for dinner and I can’t wait!

  4. Training is going well so far for me. I know in about 2 more weeks I’ll be wondering why I signed up for a half, but I always feel that way. The fall weather is amazing here! I wish it would last, but know in as little as 5 days or 2 weeks it could be winter or at least leafless and gray.

    • Good to hear! I felt that was two weeks ago and I’m sure I am going to feel that way at least one more time before I actually run my 1/2. Hope the snow doesn’t fly for another 2 weeks for you 😉

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