Half Marathon Training Week #9 Done!

I’m getting tired of running! There, I said it. My body is T-I-R-E-D and I’m just exhausted. Ahhhhhh, reality of half marathon training. It’s made me think about when I want to do this sort of training again. It’s also made me think a little more about FULL Marathon training….not any time soon is my recent conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE running. It’s my drug of choice but I’m just physically tired between training 35-45k a week, working full-time, being a mom and wife and house stuff. I’m pooped!

running is my drug

What was planned VS What Happened:

Monday: Stretch & StrengthenNothing – this is starting to be my Monday theme. Not great!

Tuesday: 8k – 8k outside. It was a great run outside in cool weather but when the sun when down I was a little concerned that my arm reflectors wouldn’t quite be enough. Next time I’m wearing a vest.

Wednesday: 45 min tempo runUnplanned Rest Day. I was exhausted and in bed at 9:31pm.

Thursday: 5k + Strength5k _ Strength. I did a combination workout of run 1k then 40 jumping jacks, 30 sit ups, 20 crunches, 10 push ups x5. I though it was going to be a wimpy workout, turns out it wasn’t. 

Friday: Rest or Easy RunEasy 5k Run on the treadmillI really just ran it to shake out my legs as they were sore from all those squats.

Saturday: Rest DayRest Day. At this point in the week I was feeling exhausted. I felt like I had growing pains …. you know when you are a kid and your legs hurt. Yeah, that’s how I felt. I decided to embrace my rest day.

Sunday – 17k18k Long Run 🙂 Oh dear, I was kind of dreading this day but also wanting to see what I could do pace wise. It was hard getting up so early to run (funny, it was hard compared to getting up early with kids)….anyway, it was an awesome run

7 am run sept 21 2014

Total mileage for Week #9: 36km

Total mileage for training: 309km  (since July 21st)

Week #8’s recap here…..just in case you missed it 😉

What am I looking forward to the most week #10:  My long run. Then, just being able to accomplish any of my runs this week as I’m on the road for most of the week.

Are you training? How’s it going? 

How many days a week do you run/workout?

Ever feel like you are having growing pains in your legs?