Yoga, AMRAP Winners and a Missed Run

You know what? When I practice yoga every so often I am reminded of how good it makes your body and mind feel. Monday I had the opportunity to take an hour yoga class after sitting in a Provincial meeting/summit. I had brought my Pro Compression sleeves with me as I was going to wear them under my pants to help my tired little legs recover but felt pretty good and decided I didn’t need them. {Always good to have on hand these days}



I felt SO good after that yoga session. My tired legs, sore back and exhausted body was in need of a good stretch and just some quiet time to decompress from an awesome day at work. I left the yoga session in my heals and yoga pants. I know…. HOT! Or HAWT as some of you day 😉 Don’t mind the sweater, it was cold in there.



We have winners for the AMRAP bars! THREE to be exact!

1. Elle E. 

2. Rod P. 

3. Alyssa B. 

Winners, please keep an eye out in your email as I need some info from you, so you can get your yummy bars from AMRAP

I missed my run last night 😦 It was supposed to be 8k but I’ve come down with a nasty head cold….it was bound to happen and I knew it was coming. I’m hoping to get a short and easy run in tonight on the treadmill. Confession time: We now have Netflix and I’m hooked on Pretty Little Liars. Oh how my treadmill runs have change 🙂

Yoga – yes or no? I really don’t know why I don’t practice yoga more often.

Best cure for a cold is…………?

What TV show are you looking forward to the most this fall?

23 thoughts on “Yoga, AMRAP Winners and a Missed Run

  1. YES to yoga. I don’t do it nearly often enough! Best cure for a cold is REST, lots of warm fluids and I do take ZINC lozenges with vitamin C too. I wear my compression gear/socks under pants and tights to work sometimes, too. YAY! to the AMRAP bars… thanks!

  2. I love yoga. I forget about it from time to time but it makes me so good! I have read a lot of research that running can help break up congestion and actually get rid of a cold faster. I truly believe it.

  3. Oof Get better soon! Hawt yoga is always preferred, particularly when the people around are hawt 😉
    I’ve had a compression sleeve in my work bag for weeks now. Just in case…

  4. Yes to all of the yoga! I found a class at my gym that fit into my training schedule on Wednesday mornings and it’s the best. It completely “undoes” everything that the running does to my body. I just started binge watching Scandal on Netflix – how did I get through the past 2 years without it in my life? Working on Season 3 now, so I can start with Season 4 on TV.

  5. Another yoga addict here. I just love it – it makes me feel good and strong in mind, body and soul. 😀 Sounds to me like you didn’t miss the run at all – you made the right decision and deliberately sat it out. I am just returning from a nasty chest infection; I gave my body the rest it needed and I find myself running strong again straight away. There really is no benefit whatsoever to running when you are ill.

  6. I’ve gone off yoga a bit. I really struggle to focus so I haven’t been in months.

    The best cure for a cold is rest but I’m guessing that’s not an option with two little ones.

    I’m currently reobsessed with Buffy. Netflix is awesome for going back in time.

    • It is awesome for going back in time. I’ve missed a lot of movies too in the last few years (since having the girls). It’s just not easy to get out to a movie. Hope you have a great weekend!

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