Thirty Day BootCamp Monthly Challenge

Since I’m not training for a race in November or December I want to start some other workouts. Workouts that I can do at home while the girls sleep or that I could do during my lunch break. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be running but I’m ready for a little change.

Some of my November workouts will be from this challenge. I’d love to do the whole challenge but I don’t always have success with monthly challenges.

My Goal – complete one full week of this challenge.

Jodi Higgs Boot Camp Challenge:

Jodi Higgis Nov 2014 Challenge

Please note: Jodi Higgs created this workout challenge, not me. You can follow her on FACEBOOK and find more of her workouts there! She’s got some awesome monthly challenges.

What in-home workouts do you do?

Have you ever tried one of Jodi’s workouts before?

What do your November workouts look like?

Runalicious Winner & Physiotherapy

First off, it feels so good to have my runner’s confessions off my chest and hearing some of yours Thanks for sharing.

Second, a BIG thanks to everyone who entered the Runalicious T-Shirt Contest, I loved all the slogans ๐Ÿ™‚ The fine folks at Runalicious have chosen a WINNER!!!

runalicious logo

“Because I Can”

and the winner is

Congrats Tera M!

Keep an eye out on the blog for the upcoming print pictures soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Third – I may have made my physiotherapist laugh out loud at 8 am yesterday morning.


Yes, I’m back in Physiotherapy. Last winter I was having SI joint problems and was in PT for about 3 months and it got better. I started running ALL THE TIME and my back got a lot better. I had no problems until a few weeks before my HALF Marathon, I took one little step in my kitchen (flat surface) and BAM! That dam shooting pain in my back can back. I may have cried like a baby…..this happened just before my half marathon and I was worried I couldn’t run.

The good news: it doesn’t hurt when I run.

The pain has been there for almost 2 months now, s-l-o-w-l-y getting better. Since I have an awesome Doctor, she sent me for x-rays, massage therapy and physiotherapy to get it all worked out.

The bad news: turns out, I have degenerative osteoarthritis in both my right and left ย SI joints. Your left is worse but mild she said. Umm, I’m 34 years old and I have what?ย Also, apparently it can be common after multiple pregnancies. Well, that’s just great.

Remember this……(if you are new you might not know I wore these fancy braces while pregnant)

Don't be jealous

Rocking KT Tape and a Maternity Brace!

Treatment – nothing. Keep being active, keep running, keep working out and if it flairs up take some meds if you feel you need to. Oh, and back to Physiotherapy.

So, yesterday morning was my first visit back and I had my purple PRO Compression socks under my pants. My legs were a little tired from two days of running (10k, 5k) so wearing my compression socks was just part of my normal running routine to aid in recovery. And, I really just love wearing my compression socks.

Anyway……..She wanted to see my feet/legs and how I walked etc. As I pulled up my pant leg to my knee she burst out laughing! “I wasn’t expecting that” she said with a few more giggles. Mind you, it was 8 AM when we met. “Are those compression socks?”… Yes I replied. “Those are sweet, I love the colour”. Me too, I ย said, me too ๐Ÿ™‚ Then we talked about compression socks for a while and I left with a happy SI joint.

Now I must go be a good patient and do my special exercises ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe next week I’ll wear my fancy compression socks, HA!

Do you go to Physiotherapy?

SI joint suggestions?ย 

Do you wear your compression socks to work?


Runner’s Confessions #1

I miss my long runs!ย 

There I said it….oh….it’s like letting out your pants after eating Thanksgiving dinner… feels…so…good. That feels so good to actually say it…well, write it down.

Post Run Marathon Confessions

I miss my long runs…the time to run slow and steady, time to think about a LOT of stuff, time to play the mental game of how far to run, when should I walk and when to take my GU’s. I miss running with my running buddy, Krystol (who just rocked her 2nd half marathon 1:59:53) and the few broken conversations we can fit in when not struggling through the run.

I also miss my post run morning stretches with my girls.

Yoga/Stretching post long run :)

Yoga/Stretching post long run ๐Ÿ™‚

I know I will be running more half marathons next year, as I totally got bit by that bug.

One more confession: I may have bought enough deodorant to last the next year. Thanks Costco.


Since I ran the BLT 5k Saturday morning my Sunday Runday was wide open. The girls and I drove back from Halifax so Lilly to go to soccer. Once we got home from that I had it in my head that I would do a “long run” on the treadmill that night. Somehow, both girls got the message loud and clear and went to bed with no problems! Miracle, I say!

At 7:40 I hopped on the treadmill planning to run between 6-9 km…and I managed 10k. A long run. It felt good. REALLY GOOD. My legs were tired but my mind was clear. It was just what I needed. I am hoping to continue my long runs of 8 – 15km over the next two months.

I’m just not ready to give them up.

Last chance to enter the Runalicious contest – ends tonight at midnight!

What’s your running confession?

Have you ever bought THAT much deodorant at once?

Have you started planning or registering for your 2015 races/events?


BLT 5k Recap

My last official “race” of the year has happened! I would like to run 1-2 more 5k’s but I’ve yet to register or commit 100%.

Saturday morning was the BLT 5K (Beechville – Lakeside – Timberlea) put on by the Timberlea Tundra Pounder’s founder, Courtney! She blogs at Runner Girl. Let’s just say, she thought of everything and put on a successful event!

Pre Race:

BLT 5k run flag

It rained on the way to the run.

As I drove the 3 minutes from my parents place to my old school (yes, I actually attended this Elementary school when I was in Grade 6), I noticed the signs that we hand crafted. Nice touch!ย Then I parked at the school and took a moment to watch the Canadian flag flap around in the wind at half mast. Eventually I went inside the school where is was super warm and got my race kit… a personalized race kit.

“It may be hard now but someday this will be your warm up”

Cute, eh!

Cute, eh!

When I got my race kit, I was able to meet some runners/bloggers that I’ve been following and connecting with at recent events. I got to meet Heidi from Idle Hide.

heidi and anna

Heidi and I.


I ran most of the race with my long time friend Tracey. It was nice to run together and catch up. We both wore our Red/White Maritime Race Weekend shirt as we wanted to #raceredandwhite this weekend.

anna and tracey blt run 2014

Me and Tracey

I had no goals for this race other than to do it and have fun. We went out really fast and then let up a bit. It was nice to run on the trail which recently had four days of rain on it. The trail was in great condition but I sure was dreading that hill at the end.

I’m finally starting to trust my training but more specifically my hill training. I dread running up those hills but am always surprised after reaching the top of them how strong I am now. Must keep that in mind over the next ย fewย coldย months.

I wasn’t sure if I’d get a PB and actually couldn’t remember what my 5k PB was until after the race. No PB for me but it was a great run under 28 minutes (27:46 on my Garmin).

Tracey and I post race

Tracey and I post race

Post Race:

I also got to meet Heather – super-duper Boston Marathon runner ๐Ÿ™‚ Not only does she know my buddy Hal Higdon (she was in his book 4:09:43) she blogs over at Girl Goes Running. We’ve tried to meet up at other runs but it just never worked out until now. She is super friendly and passionate about running. It was great to finally chat with her.

Anna & Heather BLT Run

Heather (right) and I.

I also got to chat with Samantha. She ran her second full marathon at the Valley Harvest so it was nice to chat about that run and her experience with FULL marathons. It’s something I want to do someday but not sure quite when it will all line up for me; training wise.

Anna and Samantha BLT run

Samantha and I.

I hung around and ate too much cake with Heather, Samantha and a few others ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a great event! Courtney did an awesome job, as did the volunteers. I look forward to more runs with the TTPer’s when I’m in town and their event next year ๐Ÿ™‚

PR Medal Garmin

I came home to my girls out walking with “Grandad”. Lilly asked me “Did you win your race Mommy?” And I said, yes Lilly…I sure did ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know if I’ll ever “win” a race but I will always win my race.

Last few days for the Runalicious contest/giveaway (Canada Only).

Anyone run the BLT 5k ?

Do you meet up with other bloggers at races?

Anyone race this weekend?


Ups, Downs of the Week and BLT 5k Run

I’m ready for the weekend.

Between traveling with work, a soccer game (ouch), traveling again for work to a Recreation Conference, the sad news from Montreal and Ottawa, a gun incident in Halifax yesterday morning … I am ready for the weekend. I’m ready for some up’s and to leave the down’s behind. I will of course keep the families affected in my thoughts along with our Canadian Military members; my brother and friends included.


I took today off work (planned) and am looking forward to seeing our girls after a few days without them. I spent one night laying on my parents couch for 3 hours watching TV while my mother was at my house with the girls; Sai is away working. It was nice to relax but I felt uncomfortable with what felt hours of wasted time in front of the TV.

Last night I ran on my sisters treadmill that’s in miles not kilometers. It was a crappy run because I couldn’t figure out my pace and couldn’t hide the numbers (distance, time, incline). Miles just seem to take forever compared to kilometers. I got in 3.1 miles (or 5k) and felt really good afterwards.

all about the pace

Sorry, I just had to repost this ecard again…I just love it.


Tomorrow I am running the “BLT 5k”. It’s the first run put on by the Timberlea Tundra Pounders running group that I semi-run with (when visiting my parents). I’m looking forward to this run for a few reasons.

1 – I get to run it with my friend Tracey; we go WAY back to High School/Soccer/University etc.

2 – It’s with a fun group of people who I got to know through their runs, their Facebook page and events around the Province (Maritime Race Weekend, Valley Harvest Marathon).

3 – The run is about 3 minutes from my parent’s house!

Some fun news (UPs): I participated in a RecreAuction (Recreation Auction) and won a Registration to the Bluenose Marathon in May for $30!!! Last years registration fee (for the half) was $65 – $85 depending on when you register…so I got a sweet deal on that! Guess I’ll be training for my 3rd half in the new year ๐Ÿ™‚

Workouts this week (UPs):

  • Sunday – 5k Run on THE BEAST
  • Monday – Soccer Game
  • Tuesday: Lubed up the treadmill again. Trust me this was at least a 25 minute upper body workout – trying to squeeze out the silicone from the smallest tube in the world wasn’t fun and then I couldn’t get the belt to line up properly.
  • Wednesday: Nothing. Oh wait, I lifted my arm a few times to change the channel on the TV ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Thursday: 5k Treadmill Run
  • Friday – Walking, walking and more walking. Ran some errands…why do people say “I’m going to run some errands” when you are really walking?
  • Saturday – Running The BLT 5k
Lube Belt


OH! I have to wish my running buddy, Krystol GOOD LUCK – she’s running her 2nd half marathon this weekend (Legs for Literacy). And Molly from A Fresh Start For Molly, she’s running the 10k at Legs for Literacy too!

Krystol, my running buddy and I back in June (Epic Canadian)

Krystol, my running buddy and I back in June (Epic Canadian)

LAST but not least – don’t forget about the Runalicious Contest & Giveaway!ย (Canadians only).

What are your weekend plans?

Up or Down from your week?

Do you feel like you waste time watching TV?

Wordless Wednesday Motivation

Happy Hump Day!

A little something to get you over the hump in the week ๐Ÿ™‚


impossible walk in the woods

I run because exhaustion

first step

eat sleep

making the time

all about the pace

Post Half Marathon Run and Soccer Season

I don’t know which I am more pumped about. The fact that I FINALLY got a 5k run post half marathon in Sunday night or that indoor soccer season is back!


As I mentioned before I really wanted to take a full week off running and manged 6 days of rest. However, every single day I desperately wanted to run. Sunday night, after the girls went to bed I put on my running gear, did the dishes, sent some emails and the realized that #RunATCan twitter chat was about to start. BUT….I really wanted to run.

So I did. I didn’t listen to any music or watch any shows but entertained myself with responses to a few of the Questions during the twitter chat. And yes folks, I stopped running so I could send the message, retweet or hit favourite on twitter and then quickly got back to running.

Lilly’s indoor soccer started

PR A4Life Lilly Hilary soccer

Hilary tagged along since Sai is away and she loved it too! I had both girls running and dribbling the ball on their own. My running buddy was their with her kids so she took Hilary a few times so I could be one on one with Lilly.

And soccer started for me too last night!

PR Soccer Anna 2014

I’m super pumped to be back at it again and am completely sore all over in ways that I wasn’t with just running! I was really nervous about getting back on the field but managed pretty well. My fitness was good but my ball skills were a little off but it’s all good, it will come back soon.

Canadians – Don’t forget about the Runalicious Contest and Giveaway HERE!

Do you participate in Twitter Chats?

Do your kids participate in sports that you do?