Burnt Toast and Hal’s Response

You know when you start your day off with burnt toast, then lock yourself (and two little ones) out of the house AND car that your day can only get better, right? Thankfully, it did.

I am currently writing this post at 7:26 pm and listening to Hilary talk, sing and scream to the world all of her wisdom and knowledge. What a girl!

I love how these girls dress!

I love how these girls dress!

Speaking of knowledge….yesterday I wrote about how I wasn’t tapering and that I was freaking out a lot a bit. After asking a few people, I decided to write Hal Higdon on Facebook. I mean, what’s the messenger app for if you’re not going to write someone, right?

So, I wrote him.

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d hear back.

So, I went and did some yoga, 1 minute plank and foam rolled for a bit. About forty-five minutes later I checked my Facebook and HAL wrote back! Well, maybe HE didn’t write back but someone from Hal Higdon’s Marathon page wrote me back. I’m going to go for the win and think it was Hal, himself.

This is what he wrote:

“Keep to the training plan. This is a half marathon. Those people commenting are thinking like marathoner’s for which tapering is much more essential.”

BOOM! I made my decision just like that. I’m running the 19k (12 miles) this weekend.

I felt better reading those words “keep to the training plan”.  It made me want to trust my training so far and to keep doing what I am doing. This week (#11) will be a normal week and next week (#12) we be much less running, yet I’ll still be following the training plan.

What a relief! (ha ha)

PS – Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post. I learn A LOT from other running bloggers and completely value your comments, insights and thoughts.

Do you eat burnt toast?

Favourite “Fall” thing to do?

Me, be outside in the woods among all the beautiful colours.

No more taper questions 🙂

Happy Hump Day!